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Updated on January 20, 2023

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  • Sensei Pages – An overview of the pages Sensei creates as part of the installation process.
  • Adding Sensei Pages to Navigation Menus – There are several different types of Sensei pages available that you can add to any of the menus on your site.
  • Content Hierarchy – Sensei is comprised of multiple components that form a hierarchy of content.
  • Menu Items for Administrators – Administrators of your site will have access to new menu items like Analysis and Learner Management.
  • Learner Profiles – Learners (optionally) have their own profile page showing basic information about them and the courses they’re enrolled in.
  • Shortcodes  Shortcodes allow you to display a list of courses, course categories, messages and more directly on your WordPress-powered site.
  • Widgets – Widgets enable you to display course information in a widget area such as a sidebar or footer.
  • Sensei in Your Language – You can use Sensei in the language of your choice or submit new translations.
  • Roles & Capabilities – Sensei adds a new Teacher role and some additional capabilities for admin users.
  • Deprecation Policy – This page describes the process we use to deprecate code in Sensei, especially useful if you are a developer.