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Sensei Custom Pages

Updated on July 18, 2023

The Courses and My Courses pages are automatically created for you when you step through the setup wizard.


This page lists your Sensei courses.

When the Courses page is created, it is a blank page containing no content. Sensei detects that this is your Courses page (as specified in Sensei > Settings) and applies the correct template to display your courses.

The Courses page has filters at the top to display “All” courses or “Featured” courses. If you use WooCommerce and offer free and paid courses, it will also display “Free” and “Paid” filters.

My Courses

The My Courses page is comprised of two blocks – Student Courses and Student Messages Button:

My Courses page - List view

Student Courses

The Student Courses block displays a list of courses the learner is currently enrolled in. There are separate views for filtering by active or completed courses, and the block’s settings enable you to customize colors and select which elements to display.

You can set up the number of the courses viewed on a single page on My Courses from the Course List block’s editor: go to the editor section of “My courses” page and make the changes in numbers:

You can also use a shortcode from the shortcodes page – just keep in mind that the layout might look slightly different.

Student Messages Button

The Student Messages Button block lets learners view their private messages with the teacher. This block is only displayed if the learner is logged in and private messaging is enabled in Sensei’s settings. Clicking the button takes the learner to a page showing all their messages.