Sensei Pages

After installing Sensei and Sensei Pages, it automatically creates the pages below.


This page lists your Sensei courses.

When the Courses page is created, it is a blank page, and does not contain any content. Sensei detects that this is your Courses page (as specified in Sensei > Settings), and applies the correct template to display your courses.

The Courses page has filters at the top to display “All” courses or “Featured” courses. If you are using WooCommerce and you offer both free and paid courses, it will also display “Free” and “Paid” filters.

My Courses

This page shows a user courses they are taking and courses they have completed.

If you chose Install Pages after activating Sensei, the My Courses page should be automatically populated with the correct shortcode.

If you don’t see content on your My Courses page, ensure that it contains the following shortcode:

[sensei_user_courses] – displays the user’s active/completed courses, or a login/register form if they are not logged in.

Note that you won’t have content on these pages until you add lessons and courses.