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Roles & Capabilities

Updated on July 7, 2023

Admin Capabilities

Sensei gives Admin users two additional capabilities:

  • manage_sensei_grades – gives access to Sensei’s Analysis, Grading and Learner Management sections.
  • manage_sensei – gives access to all Sensei settings and functionality.


There is no specific Learner role in Sensei. Any role user can be a Learner by registering and starting any course. Their WordPress default user role is Subscriber


Sensei has a Teacher role. This is the same as a Subscriber role but with the addition of the ‘manage_sensei_grades’ capability mentioned above.

This enables site owners to assign any user the Teacher role so that they can grade quizzes, view course analysis and manage learners without having full Administrator privileges.

Users with the Teacher role can create and manage their Courses, Lessons, and Questions.

Teachers can also access Sensei > Messages to view private messages from Learners taking their courses.

Teachers in the WordPress admin can only view, edit, and manage their content and Learners.

Teachers can access courses, lessons and questions they created themselves. They can also see courses that are assigned to them by an Administrator.

If a course is assigned to a teacher by an Administrator, all lessons in that course are also assigned to the same teacher.

In the Teacher role, a teacher has limited access to Sensei objects. The modules available to the teacher will only be those they have created. If a user role changes from admin to teacher, they will lose access to other modules and will no longer see it. An admin user will have to assist these users in moving lessons and courses over to the newly created user modules.

Assigning a course to a teacher

You must be logged in as an administrator to assign a course to a teacher. Then:

  1. Go toCourses
  2. Edit a course.
  3. Open the Course Settings panel on the right end of the editor.
  4. On General > Teacher, select the teacher you want to assign the course to. Make sure the user has the teacher role added to their account. (see below)
  5. Update the course.

Note: To assign courses to users, you must be logged in as a Teacher or Administrator.

Teacher emails

The site admin receives email notifications whenever a teacher creates a new course.

When a course is assigned to a Teacher or another administrator, the teacher receives a notification email.

Read more about email notifications.

Adding a teacher

To assign an existing user the Teacher role:

  1. Go toUsers > All Users.
  2. Select the user(s) you want to change
  3. From the Change role to… drop-down, select Teacher
  4. Select Change.

Tweaking capabilities

If you wish to modify roles and capabilities, use a third-party plugin such as User Role Editor. Other plugins that allow you to edit roles and capabilities: