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Learner Profiles

Updated on March 7, 2023

All learners have their own profile page. This page displays the learner’s name, bio, avatar and their active/completed courses.

This information is pulled from the user’s own WP-admin profile for your site:

The courses area looks identical to the My Courses page content. In the Sensei settings, you have two options available to manage the learner profiles:

  • Enable/disable public learner profiles
  • Show/hide the learner’s active/completed courses on their profile

The learner profile URL is one of the following, depending on whether have pretty permalinks enabled on your site:

  • Pretty permalinks enabled:
  • Pretty permalinks disabled:

Adding a menu link to the Learner Profile

You can add a link to the currently logged in user’s Learner Profile in any navigation menu, via Appearance > Menus:

(Note: If you don’t see the Sensei LMS section, click ‘Screen Options’ at the top right of the screen, and make sure Sensei LMS is enabled.)

Sensei Certificates

If you’re using the Sensei Certificates extension, the learner profile page will contain an option allowing learners to select whether to make their certificates publicly viewable or not.