Learning Mode: A Free WordPress Course Theme

Updated on September 8, 2022
Learning Mode: A Free WordPress Course Theme

Today we release Sensei LMS 4.0! 

This update includes easier navigation inside the WordPress dashboard and an immersive new theme called Learning Mode. 

Let’s take a closer look…

What is Learning Mode?

Learning Mode is what we call our new course theme, designed for distraction free learning. 

Until now, all course content was displayed in your regular WordPress theme, like any post or page. However, this is not always the best learning experience for students, as the site header, sidebars, and other content can be distracting. 

We developed Learning Mode to solve this problem — so your courses are the students’ main focus. 

Learning Mode can be enabled on any course, and it does not impact or change the rest of your website. The theme is only applied when viewing a lesson or quiz. When a student leaves the lesson, they go back to seeing your WordPress theme as usual. 

You can also choose to keep using Sensei LMS just like before, where lessons and quizzes keep showing in your WordPress theme. It is totally up to you. 

Block-based and Full Site Editing Ready

A screenshot of the Lesson template in WordPress Site Editor.

Learning Mode is a block-based theme and Full Site Editing ready.

This means that you can use the Site Editor added in WordPress 5.9 to edit the Lesson and Quiz templates, giving you endless flexibility. 

For example, you can add links, ads, and announcements to your course’s sidebar and lesson header. Any block can be added to these areas in your templates, too, such as videos, images, buttons, menus, and more.

Color settings make it easy to make Learning Mode match your main website or brand. The logo is also automatically pulled in from your site’s WordPress theme.

Simpler Dashboard Menus

Screenshot of the Courses page in the WordPress Dashboard. This shows the new minimal menu navigation of Sensei, all in one top-level menu item.

Sensei LMS turned nine years old a few weeks ago, and many of the menus and screens in the WordPress dashboard needed updating. 

Version 4.0 upgrades the navigation of Sensei admin by minimizing top-level menus, making settings easier to find. These changes lay the foundation for several new tools in the works to help you build courses that enable your students to succeed. We’ll have more to share soon!

In the meantime, enjoy using Sensei 4.0 and its new Learning Mode, and let us know in our Sensei Community how you go.

Download Sensei LMS for free here.

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