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AI-powered Quiz Generation

Updated on June 30, 2023

Starting with Sensei Pro 1.14.0 or above (or WooCommerce Paid Courses or above), Sensei introduced a new Quiz Generator in Sensei Pro, powered by OpenAI!
With a simple click of a button, the AI will generate three multiple-choice questions automatically based on the current content of the lesson.

How it Works

To create a quiz using AI-powered Quiz Generation, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Create a course: Create a course and add the relevant content for the quiz.
  2. Click on “Add Quiz”: Locate the “Add Quiz” button on the course page and click on it.
  3. Choose AI-Powered Quiz Generation: When prompted, choose “AI-Powered Quiz Generation” as the quiz type.
  1. Preview the Generated Quiz: After the quiz is generated, preview it to see if you want to edit some questions.
  2. Publish: Publish the quiz when you are satisfied with it.

Important Notes

  • Active Sensei Pro License is required. If you have a Sensei Pro installed, but the license has not been activated (or has expired), the AI-powered Quiz generation feature won’t be available.
  • Try on NEW lessons. The Quiz Generator button will be disabled if your Lesson already contains quiz questions. This feature works best when creating a new quiz for the first time.
  • Usage Limits. We’ve limited it to three quiz questions per lesson because the quality of the questions became poorer and more repetitive in our testing after three prompts.
  • Proofread and approve. As with any AI content assistant, we highly encourage you to edit and approve the content before using it in a course. Sometimes it will make mistakes, and your expertise can significantly improve the quality. We hope this is a time saver and a starting point for course creators — it’s not meant to be a replacement.