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Groups & Cohorts

Updated on January 20, 2023

Creating Your First Group

1. Find the Sensei LMS menu in your dashboard and click “Groups”.

2. Click “New Group”

3. Click the “Group Name” field and give your group a name.

4. Click “Create Group”

Create Cohorts and Access Periods

1. Click the group name you want to turn into a cohort.

2. Click “Cohorts and Access Period”

3. Assign courses to the cohort.

Students in the cohort will be automatically enrolled in the course(s) listed if they are not already.

4. Click “Start Access Period”.

This is optional, only if you want to set a date that course access begins.

5. Choose the start date.

Choose the date that access to the course should begin. This will happen around 12:01 am in the main timezone of the site as shown in Settings > General.

6. Click “End Access Period”.

This is optional, only if you want to choose a date that the course access ends.

7. Select the end date.

Add Students to a Group or Cohort

1. Click “Group Students”

2. Click “Add Students”

3. Search for students to add

Students must already have logins on the website to be added. You can create users first and then add them to a group if needed.

20. Click “Add to Group”