Doc Category: Learner Management & Analysis

  • Groups & Cohorts

    Creating Your First Group 1. Find the Sensei LMS menu in your dashboard and click “Groups”. 2. Click “New Group” 3. Click the “Group Name” field and give your group a name. 4. Click “Create Group” Create Cohorts and Access Periods 1. Click the group name you want to turn into a cohort. 2. Click […]

  • Messages

    Learn how to manage messages from learners in Sensei LMS.

  • Student Management

    Learner Management enables you to manage everything about your learners, from enrolling new learners to resetting their progress. Go to Sensei LMS > Learner Management to see a list of courses. You can filter by course category or search for a particular course: From here, learners can be managed by course or by lesson. Manage Learners […]

  • Reports

    Learn how to track your learners’ course progress in Sensei LMS.

  • Email Notifications

    Sensei Emails An email is sent to Learners when: Their quiz is graded, manually or automatically They complete a course An email is sent to Teachers (author of the course) when: A learner completes their course A learner starts their course A learner submits a quiz for manual grading Emails are sent to the course […]

  • Learner Profiles

    All learners have their own profile page. This page displays the learner’s name, bio, avatar and their active/completed courses. The courses area looks identical to the My Courses page content. In the Sensei settings, you have two options available to manage the learner profiles: Enable/disable public learner profiles Show/hide the learner’s active/completed courses on their profile […]

  • Verifying the Identity of your Learners

    For online courses, security can be an important issue. You may need to have measures in place to ensure (to the best of your ability) that the people taking a course are who they say they are. When the learners are not present to verify their identity with photo ID, it can be too easy for someone else to […]