Follow-up Emails (Legacy)

Updated on July 4, 2023

Integration with WooCommerce’s Follow-up Emails is a legacy feature. Starting with Sensei Pro 1.12, you can use Win-back reminder emails feature included in Sensei Pro instead.

As a Sensei user, retaining student engagement after course completion can be challenging. To encourage students to continue with more courses, using the Follow-Up Emails extension in conjunction with Sensei can be highly beneficial. This documentation walks you through the process of creating and utilizing follow-up emails for your students.


Follow-Up Emails is a WooCommerce extension that enables you to schedule emails to customers based on specific actions performed on your website. This feature can be effectively integrated with Sensei to maintain communication with students after they’ve completed your courses.

Steps to set up a Follow-Up Email in Sensei

1. Select actions for your email: you can configure your follow-up email based on various Sensei actions. For example, sending an email after a student finishes a course.

2. Customize your email text: compose a congratulatory email, thanking the student for their course completion. You have the flexibility to personalize the content as per your preferences.

3. Offer incentives: incorporate a coupon code within the email, such as a 10% discount on another course. This incentive could encourage students to explore more courses and make use of the discount.

After completing your course, your students will receive a follow-up email, which includes the discount code, increasing the likelihood of them signing up for additional courses.


Additional Use Cases

Follow Up Emails can be leveraged for several other purposes in conjunction with your Sensei courses:

Gather student feedback: send a link to a feedback survey upon course completion for students to provide their inputs on how the course could be improved.
Schedule reassessments: for courses requiring annual reassessment, send an email reminder 11 months after completion, notifying the student that it’s time to retake the course.
Stay in touch with students: periodically check in with past students to inquire about their progress, share any new course offerings, and maintain a connection.

We encourage sharing any unique ways you use Follow-Up Emails to engage with your students in the comments section.

Purchase the extension at Follow-Ups and learn more via additional documentation.

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