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Course Enrollments

Updated on February 16, 2022

Course enrollments are managed in Sensei LMS > Learner Management. When a learner is enrolled in a course, it means that the course is listed on their My Courses page, and they are able to view lessons and take quizzes:

Learner Management - Enrollments

How do I enroll a learner in a course?

When someone purchases a course, they are automatically enrolled in it. However, there may be times when you would like to enroll a learner in a course regardless of whether or not they have purchased it.

You can do this by navigating to Sensei LMS > Learner Management, clicking Manager learners for the applicable course, scrolling down to the Add Learner to Course section, searching for the learner, and clicking the Add to… button. The learner is now manually enrolled in the course.

To enroll learners who were previously enrolled but had their enrollment removed, please see the How do I restore a learner’s enrollment? section below.

How do I remove a learner from a course?

To remove a learner, locate the course and learner in Learner Management, and then hover over the learner’s name. Click the Remove Enrollment link that appears. This will unenroll the learner and revoke their access to the course. The status of any order, subscription or membership associated with the learner’s enrollment is unaffected:

Learner Management - Remove Enrollment

How do I restore a learner’s enrollment?

Unenrolled learners who previously purchased a course can have their enrollment restored by clicking theĀ Restore Enrollment link. This will re-enroll the learner in the course, and enrollment will once again be controlled by the associated order / subscription / membership:

Learner Management - Restore Enrollment

Learners who were manually enrolled (i.e. because they signed up for a free course or were enrolled directly by an administrator) can have their enrollment restored by clicking the Enroll link. This works the same as restoring an enrollment, only there is no order / subscription / membership controlling their enrollment:

Learner Management - Enroll