Selling Courses with WooCommerce

WooCommerce Paid Courses is fully compatible with WooCommerce, and automatically detects if it is installed.

By default, WooCommerce Paid Courses enables the ability to link a course to a WooCommerce product. This allows a user to purchase a course on your site. When a course is linked to a WooCommerce product, the lesson content is only viewable to users who have actually purchased the course.

Link a Product to a Course

To link a WooCommerce product to a course, ensure that WooCommerce is installed and activated. Then follow these steps to create a product:

  1. Go to Products > Add New.
  2. Add some product details including a title and description.
  3. In the Product data meta box that appears below the editor, select the Virtual checkbox (this will remove shipping information at checkout).
  4. Click Save Draft or Publish the product.

Now you’ll need to associate the product with the course(s) you’d like to sell:

  1. Go to Courses > All Courses and click on the course you would like to attach to your new product.
  2. In the WooCommerce Product dropdown in the right sidebar, select the product to link to the course.
  3. Click Update to save.

Sensei WooCommerce Product metabox

Users who purchase the course will gain access to its content as soon as the WooCommerce order status is Completed. If you created a virtual product when configuring the course product (as per step 2 above), the order is completed as soon as payment is made.