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Selling Courses with WooCommerce

Sensei is fully compatible with the WooCommerce.

Selling courses

Sensei detects if WooCommerce is installed.

By default it enables the ability to link a course to a WooCommerce product. This allows a user to purchase a course on your site. If a course is linked to a WooCommerce product, the course’s lesson content will only be viewable to users who purchased the course. If lessons contain video content, you need to use a video hosting service to prevent your videos from being accessed directly.

Turning off eCommerce functionality

Ecommerce functionality is optional and can be switched off if you don’t want to sell courses. To edit WooCommerce Settings, go to: Sensei > Settings > WooCommerce Settings:


Linking a product to a course

To link a WooCommerce product to a Sensei course, ensure that you have WooCommerce installed and activated. Then:

  1. Go toProducts > Add Product
  2. Add product details, then select the checkbox for the Virtual product to remove shipping information from checkout and Save.
  3. Go to Lessons > All Courses and Edit the course you want to attach to your new product.
  4. Go toWooCommerce Product in the right sidebar to attach the product.
  5. Select Update to save.

Users purchasing a course get access to the course content as soon as the WooCommerce order status is ‘Completed‘. If you select ‘Virtual Product’ when creating your course product, as mentioned in step 2 above, the order is completed as soon as payment is made, so the user gets instant access to the My Courses section of your site.

To learn more about WooCommerce, see: WooCommerce Documentation.