Selling Courses as a Subscription

WooCommerce Paid Courses integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions, enabling you to accept recurring payments for continued access to your course(s).

Selling a Course as a Subscription

To sell a course as a subscription, ensure that both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions are installed and activated. Then follow these steps to create a subscription product:

  1. Go to Products > Add New.
  2. Add some product details including a title and description.
  3. In the Product data meta box that appears below the editor, select Simple subscription from the Product Type dropdown. (Note that you can also create a Variable subscription product as described here.)
  4. Select the Virtual checkbox (this will remove shipping information at checkout).
  5. Set the terms for the subscription including price, billing interval, billing period, length, sign-up fee and trial period (length, sign-up fee and trial period are all optional).
  6. Add a product short description. (This will be displayed on the product card when multiple products are attached to a course.)
  7. Click Save Draft or Publish the product.
  8. Repeat these steps for any additional subscription products.

Configuring a simple subscription product

Next, you’ll need to associate the product with the course(s) you’d like to sell as a subscription:

  1. Go to Courses > All Courses and click on the course you would like to attach to your new subscription product.
  2. Click on the Sensei LMS icon in the top right of the screen to open the sidebar.
  3. Select one or more products to link to the course.
  4. Click Update to save.

Site visitors will be required to purchase the course in order to view its content.

Congratulations! You are now ready to accept recurring course payments – revenue you can count on!