Introducing Tutor AI: Real-Time Guidance for Online Learning

Updated on August 3, 2023

Plus, a new tool to auto-generate new course outlines.

We are excited to announce a powerful new feature for Sensei LMS and WordPress sites called Tutor AI, designed to enhance the learning experience for students in online courses.

With Tutor AI, you can now ask students questions within your course content, and an intelligent AI-powered assistant will chat with them in real time to provide guidance and help them arrive at the correct answer.

One challenge of online courses is that students lack the immediate support of a teacher or instructor. Tutor AI intends to help bridge that gap by offering personalized assistance to students whenever needed, allowing them to learn at their own pace while still receiving interactive guidance.

How does Tutor AI work?

Tutor AI is a WordPress block that can be used in a Sensei LMS course or on any WordPress page or post. It can also be used in other WordPress-powered LMS tools like LearnDash, Lifter LMS, and Tutor LMS.

Under the hood, we handle the integration with Open AI’s ChatGPT. We’ve tailored the prompts and experience to generate the best learning outcomes possible.

Give it a try for yourself right here!

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When a student encounters a question within their course, they can type their response, and Tutor AI will engage in a conversation with them, offering hints, motivation, and guidance. This means that students can have a dynamic conversation with their virtual tutor, just like they would with a human instructor.

Important Tutor AI Info

There are some things to keep in mind when using the Tutor AI block:

  • Users must be logged in to see the block — this is required to help prevent abuse (and racking up large API fees), but we are actively working on ways to open this up to public pages and posts too.
  • The AI works best for single questions that have a clear single answer. The AI can give unexpected responses for questions that have multiple answers.
  • If the student doesn’t get to the correct answer in 5 attempts, the AI will give them the correct answer and end the discussion.
  • In Sensei LMS courses, you can mark the conversation as “required,” which means the learner must get the correct answer before they can mark a lesson as complete.

The Tutor AI block is available now in Sensei Pro, the Sensei Bundle on, an the stand-alone Sensei Interactive Blocks plugin.

More AI Tools For Course Creators

We have also released a few more new AI assistants that can help make creating courses easier.

AI Course Outline

When starting a brand new course, enter a few details, and Sensei will generate a course outline to help you jump-start the process.

You can edit, add modules, and adjust your input to publish your initial lessons more quickly.

The AI Course Outline is available now in Sensei Pro.

AI Quiz Generator

In Sensei LMS, you can add a quiz to any lesson.

The Quiz AI tool will read the lesson content and automatically generate three multiple-choice questions in just a few seconds. The tool will also pre-populate feedback that is shown to the learner if they get the question correct or not. You can edit the questions and add additional quiz questions too.

Read more about the quiz AI here.

Jetpack AI Assistant

Our colleagues at Jetpack have released a powerful AI assistant that lives inside the WordPress block editor. This means it also works when creating courses and lessons in Sensei LMS.

Ask the tool to create tables, change the tone, or create a step-by-step list. The AI assistant is also helpful at summarizing content, which could be perfect for writing conclusions to lessons or re-iterating important concepts to students.

Jetpack AI is available to users and via the Jetpack plugin.

Learn more and see Jetpack AI in action here.

More About AI

We have said it before, and we still don’t believe that AI should be creating your entire course. The technology just isn’t there, and the result would most certainly not be what a student would want.

But we are excited about how AI can be used to assist in creating engaging learning experiences. We will keep experimenting with how Large Language Models and related tools can help you grow your business, teach more students, and improve educational outcomes.

Learn more about Sensei Pro and all of our teaching and learning tools here.

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