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What Data Does Sensei LMS Log?

Updated on July 4, 2023

As of Sensei 1.9.20, we made it possible for anyone to enable usage tracking from within their WordPress admin area. This sends us data about the content and settings of your site.

By choosing to share your data, you’re helping us make Sensei LMS better for everyone. By understanding how you’re using the plugin, we can create more helpful features, write better documentation, and make Sensei LMS a more useful platform.

What We Log

We log non-sensitive data about how a site is set up and managed. We do NOT log or store personal data from you or your clients.

We do log and store the admin email. This allows us to get in touch regarding potential vulnerabilities and information on fixes. We do not use this email address for marketing – a separate opt-in is required to receive promotional messages.

We handle logged data under the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Here’s a partial list of the data we collect:

  • Site URL
  • Admin email address
  • List of activated plugins and their versions, including Sensei LMS
  • Active theme and version
  • WordPress version
  • PHP version
  • Date of first course enrolment
  • Date of last course enrolment

We also log aggregate counts of different types of data. Examples include:

  • Number of users with a Sensei LMS-specific role (e.g. teachers)
  • Number of learners enrolled in at least one course
  • Number of questions of each type
  • Number of published courses

As of Sensei LMS 2.1.0, we also log some events that occur in the WordPress admin. For example, events are logged when:

  • Extensions are installed from the setup wizard
  • Course, lesson or question data is imported
  • Sensei LMS settings are viewed or updated
  • A course or lesson is first published
  • A course or lesson is duplicated
  • A module or question is added

At some point in the future we may also log visitor interactions on pages where Sensei LMS is running as a plugin (for example, which links are clicked). It would then be the responsibility of Sensei LMS users to notify their own users about the data that is being collected.

Usage and event data data is sent automatically to our servers once you choose to share your data with us, and then once every 2 weeks for as long as the option is enabled.

How to Stop Sharing Your Data

If you no longer wish to share your data with us, go to Sensei LMS > Settings > General and deselect the checkbox to Enable usage tracking:

Screenshot of "Enable usage tracking" setting