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What’s New in Sensei 1.9.20 – Module page template and course navigation changes

We’ve just shipped a minor release of Sensei that includes a new module page template and a change to how course navigation works.

Here’s a punch list of what’s new:

  • Added a new page template for modules
  • Updated the course navigation to enable moving between both modules and lessons
  • Removed the Sensei welcome screen that used to appear when activating Sensei
  • Removed the theme check notice that sometimes appeared when switching themes
  • Added filters to quiz answers for customizing both the text and CSS classes
  • Added usage tracking to enable the Sensei team to make better decisions about what features to focus on improving

Here are some additional details on what’s new in 1.9.20.

Module Page Template

We’ve added a new taxonomy-module.php page template that reduces visual clutter by displaying just the module’s title and description. Should you prefer to show the old module page that also lists each of the lessons associated with a particular module, you can copy the contents of woothemes-sensei/templates/archive-lesson.php to your_theme/sensei/taxonomy-module.php.

Course Navigation

We’ve made a change to course navigation to more closely align with the structure of a course. Previously, course navigation moved only between individual lessons, skipping over any module content. Now, course navigation will move between both lessons and modules as per the order set in Lessons > Order Lessons in the WordPress admin.

What do you think of our latest release? Let us know in the comments!

26 thoughts on “What’s New in Sensei 1.9.20 – Module page template and course navigation changes

  1. Yes, that’s great impact. specifically, I liked the module change since I had an opinion on the way it works and its relation to the navigation.
    anyway, I’m a little bit worried. In order to let Sensei support my site which is RTL, I did a considerable amount of CSS scripting. hence I’m worried about trying the new release.
    but however, as a Sensei fan I know I’ll upgrade as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your continuous effort.

    1. If possible, it would be best to test the new release on a staging site before updating your live site, for your own peace of mind. 🙂

      We’re aware that there are some issues with support for RTL languages. If you’d like, feel free to add your thoughts on this issue –


      1. Thanks Donnapep. I believe those are my comments. I’ll try to add more.

  2. Testing out the navigation change, I find it very awkward — the Course Progress Widget seems to have been left out and lost its ability to make the lessons flow easily.

    Before, the Course Progress widget had previous / next arrows at the top. These let a student easily go forward and next without scrolling to the bottom of a page. Now, if all modules aren’t shown in that widget, a student has to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to click to the next item– which is an empty module page in my case.

    That empty module page also isn’t a clickable item on the Course Progress Widget.

    The flow is so awkward that I got a little confused in testing it, and I even understood the summary of the changes.

    I personally do not have content that I would like to show on the module pages. I would like to have the previous / next arrows back on the course progress widget, and to have a navigation option to not navigate to module pages.

    Lacking this, I can change the Course Progress Widget to display all modules, but it’s not great for courses who have a lot of lessons, particularly when there are transcripts / text in each lesson. (Requires the student to scroll and hunt to figure out how to get to the next lesson.)

    1. Thanks Kendra! You’re right. This was a pretty big oversight on our part.

      I’ve created an issue in our issue tracker to address this – I’m just trying to think through what to do about empty modules first though. I’m a bit hesitant to add yet another setting as there are so many already. Another option is to just skip showing the module page entirely if there is no module description, but I’m interested in hearing any other suggestions the community might have.

      1. Skipping a module in the navigation if it has no description would work perfectly for me, I like that idea. (I have some descriptions in there but it would be very fast to clear them out.)

        BTW, thanks for the email about the release that suggested deploying to staging and encouraging feedback on this post. I appreciate that a lot!

      2. Would you mind sharing the way in which you use modules so I can have a better understanding of your particular use case? Thx!

    2. Hi Kendra. We’ve pushed a new release of Sensei Course Progress. You’ll want to update both Sensei & Sensei Course Progress. Thx!

  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention, part of why it’s confusing is that when I am on a module page, the Course Progress Widget completely disappears (even if it is displaying all modules). It makes it seem like I’ve accidentally exited the course at first, because my navigation widget is completely gone.

  4. I´m happy that woo is taking care of Sensei again. At one moment I think it was going to be delete it.

    1. Our goal is to release a new version every 2 – 3 months, so please keep the feedback coming!

  5. I think there should be a way to choose whether or not to have users go to the module page. There is really nothing there in terms of content and the only field is description. This is going to cause a problem in our site. Can you provide a way to bypass this so that we can update to a newer version without requiring this?

    1. Can I ask how you use modules in your course(s)? Would skipping the module page if there is no module description work for you?

  6. We use modules to organize the 70 lessons into Chapters. But because there isn’t a rich content editor in the module, we create a “Chapter Overview” as the first lesson at the beginning of each module.

    Yes, that would seem like a good alternative.

    1. Sounds like you would benefit from having a rich text editor when adding a module description in order to eliminate the workaround you currently have for creating a chapter overview.

  7. Yes! A rich text editor would allow us to get rid of our first lesson workaround that is really just an overview. A featured image would also be nice. And then I think it was mentioned above but the option to display the lesson navigation in that module page again would really make the module pages pretty robust. But I realize that may be complicated when we have courses that share Modules so maybe grabbing the lesson navigation is problematic.

    1. If you would like a custom layout for the module page, you can override the content that shows on it by overriding our default template. To make the module page look as it did before with title, description, and lesson list, you can copy the contents of woothemes-sensei/templates/archive-lesson.php to your_theme/sensei/taxonomy-module.php.

  8. Hi there!
    I was wondering too if we can choose whether or not we could choose to have users go to the module page. I only use the modules as a title to separate my lessons, but I don’t have actually any content to put in it.

    Can you please maybe provide a tweak for this before releasing a new update?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Mélanie! The next release of Sensei will include a change to skip the module page if it doesn’t have a description. Hope that helps!

  9. Hi Donna, I see that Sensei is still not fully compatible with PHP 7.2 – any roadmap?

    1. The only known issue we have for PHP 7.2 is this one, which is scheduled to be fixed in the next release – Is there anything else you’re aware of that doesn’t work in PHP 7.2?

    2. There’s also this one which is also scheduled to be fixed in the next release –

  10. HI!, I don’t know how to skip the module page, I have this issue and I’ve never had description in my modules, I am not using taxonomy-module.php at all.

    What can I do?, I’m using Sensei with Avada Theme, can you help me?

    1. Hi! This will actually be fixed in the next release of Sensei due out in a few weeks. If you’d prefer to revert to the old module page, you can follow the instructions in the “Module Page Template” in the above post.

      1. Thanks!, Perfect. is there a way to rollback that change and just navigate between lessons for now?

      2. Yes, as per the above post, you can restore the old module functionality: “Should you prefer to show the old module page that also lists each of the lessons associated with a particular module, you can copy the contents of woothemes-sensei/templates/archive-lesson.php to your_theme/sensei/taxonomy-module.php.”

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