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Support Policy

Updated on January 27, 2023


Paid plugins include support for one year. If you need support after that time, please renew your license key. We can only support the license holder, and support requests must be submitted from the account used to purchase the license. 

Support Channels

We have several support channels where you can find help: 

  • The Sensei LMS Community (all users): We have a public Sensei LMS community where you can discuss, share ideas/feedback and ask questions. You can search topics by clicking on the search bar at the top of the website.
  • The Support Forums (all users): Support is also available in the support forum. This support forum is for the core Sensei LMS plugin only. Make sure to read the pinned thread on Sensei’s support forum and the Forum Guidelines before opening a support thread. 
  • Via Sensei LMS Contact Form (all paid users): If you have a paid subscription, you can submit a ticket using our Contact Form.
    • Purchased from If you purchased a Sensei subscription from, you can submit a ticket from your Sensei LMS account.
    • Purchased from Marketplace: If you have purchased Sensei Pro (formerly known as WooCommerce Paid Courses) from WooCommerce marketplace, you can create a ticket from your WooCommerce account here:
    • Purchased from Marketplace: please contact us via the Contact form and let us know that you have Sensei Pro via Dotcom Marketplace.

Reporting Issues

When an issue is brought to our attention, we will first ensure that it is reproducible. Then, we escalate it to our developers to pursue a fix where possible and appropriate. You can help expedite this process by providing us with screenshots and detailed steps to reproduce the problem. The more specific, the better! 

For reporting issues, follow our Contribute page.

What Sensei LMS Support Covers

  • Help with product installation, configuration, and usage
  • Technical questions about Sensei’s built-in features and functionality
  • Bug fixes
  • General guidance related to Sensei

Note: We may require you to disable third-party plugins and/or themes that you have installed alongside our plugins before we will be able to assist you.

What Sensei LMS Support Does Not Cover 

  • Integration with third-party products and services
  • Configuration, troubleshooting, or fixing server configuration, firewalls, or database issues that may interfere with Sensei LMS
  • Configuration, troubleshooting, or fixing issues with hosting accounts, domain registrar accounts, and cPanel
  • Troubleshooting sites that are not running Sensei LMS’s and WordPress’ minimum supported versions; typically two releases prior to the current version

Some Specifics About Customization 

A customization is anything that changes the way Sensei looks or functions. Each of our products are provided as-is. While we can help you configure our products within the intended capability and function, we can’t assist with the customization of our products, nor can we help troubleshoot, modify or debug custom code, or officially endorse third-party customization solutions.

There are many resources available on the web if you would like to hire a WordPress developer or designer.

We provide some customization guidelines and developer docs; however, these are for reference/guidance only, and we cannot guarantee that they will always work as expected. Our support policy does not include assistance with modifying or debugging code from any code examples included in our developer-level documentations, and they may be changed or removed if we find they no longer work due to changes in our plugins.

We do not assist with cosmetic changes to your site. This includes, but is not limited to theme design or advice, custom CSS code, menu structure, and color or font changes. 

Response Times

We respond to all inquiries with 24 hours. Troubleshooting for advanced or technical inquires often take longer after the initial response.  


Sensei primarily provides support in English. If you contact us in a different language, we’ll do our best to translate your message and will reply in English.