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TutorAI Interactive Block

Updated on July 17, 2023

What is TutorAI?

Tutor AI is a WordPress block that can be used in a Sensei LMS course or on any WordPress page or post. It can also be used in other WordPress-powered LMS tools like LearnDash, Lifter LMS, and Tutor LMS.

Under the hood, we handle the integration with Open AI’s ChatGPT. We’ve tailored the prompts and experience to generate the best learning outcomes possible.

When a student encounters a question within their course, they can type their response, and Tutor AI will engage in a conversation with them, offering hints, motivation, and guidance. This means that students can have a dynamic conversation with their virtual tutor, just like they would with a human instructor.

Adding TutorAI to your Block Editor

Insert the TutorAI block from the block inserter. Write your question in the Question Title (1) section. Write the answer of the question in section 2, this is the AI answer block. This is the answer the AI will try to help the student reach.

The block marked as 3 is the Student Answer block. You don’t have to write anything here. This is just to help you see how the replies written by the students and also the input bubble will look like in the front end. You can apply different styles like color, background color, border, etc to both Ai Answer and Student Answer blocks.

With a question and answer in place it can look something like this:

If you want to give the AI more context to ‘think’, or help the student based on a certain context or want to give the reason why your answer is correct, so that the AI knows how to help the student or person answering the question, you can write the reason in the section marked in the image below. The AI works best when the answer is a single short one. So if you want to put more words for reasoning or explanation or a ‘why’, it’s better to utilize this field.

Let’s see how this one looks in action!

Like any other Sensei Interactive Block, you can mark it as ‘Required’. Required elements must be interacted with before a learner can complete the lesson.

Points to know

  1. This block can be used anywhere in a WordPress site with a Block editor. This means not only on Sensei lessons, but also WordPress Pages, Posts or anywhere else too.
  2. You can use it with either Sensei Pro or Interactive Sensei Blocks license.
  3. You need a valid Sensei Pro, WooCommerce Paid Courses, or Interactive Blocks license to be able to use it.
  4. The usage rate limit for this block is 50 requests per hour per license. So every hour, the students or users can send 50 messages.
  5. To prevent abuse, the block only renders when a user is logged in.
  6. After 5 tries, if the user still doesn’t reach the correct answer, the block will provide the correct answer to the user and mark itself as completed.