Updated on September 8, 2023

Since version 1.9, Sensei Pro included the Co-Teachers feature. This functionality allows for shared ownership of a course.

Users with the Co-Teachers roles can modify course settings, lessons, and quizzes. Read more about the Teacher’s role.

To enable the Co-Teachers option in Sensei Pro, follow these steps:

  • Go to: Courses > All Courses
  • Edit a course.
  • Open the Course Settings panel on the right end of the editor.
  • On General > Co-Teachers, click on the Search For Teachers bar.
  • Find the teacher you want to add as a co-teacher. You can add multiple co-teachers.
  • Update the course

To assign the teacher role to a user, follow the steps on this page.

Note: the Co-Teachers option will only appear in the Course Settings only if there is more than one teacher on your site.

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