The Future of eLearning: AI Course Creator

Updated on November 14, 2023

Wondering how to make educational content more engaging, effective, and dynamic? If so, you’re not alone! We all want to bridge the gap between technology and education. The question is, how can you, as an educator or course creator, work together with artificial intelligence (AI) to produce course content that truly stands out? 

Sensei LMS is a WordPress plugin that could be your solution: it has course creation capabilities that leverage AI to enhance your course creation process. 

Let’s explore what AI actually means for online courses. 

What is an AI course creator?

An AI course creator is a platform or software application that uses artificial intelligence to aid in the process of developing and organizing online courses. This technology makes course creation significantly more efficient and effective.

These AI-infused tools assist educators and professionals in crafting dynamic, engaging courses by: 

  • Providing smart suggestions.
  • Automating repetitive tasks.
  • Helping them save time and resources.
  • Facilitating personalized content delivery by tailoring courses to individual learners.
  • Allowing for a broader reach.

Some course creator tools operate entirely with AI, while others have a mix of AI and non-AI features.

AI course creator tools can generate course outlines, propose content based on the target audience’s needs and preferences, and offer a range of customizations. This includes formulating questions, integrating images and videos, and much more, depending on the specific tool used. 

The precise capabilities may vary, but collectively, they serve to optimize the course creation process, ensuring that educators can focus on teaching while technology handles the logistics.

What aspects of course creation can AI tools handle?

AI-infused platforms are designed to assist educators at different stages of the course development process. However, it’s important to note that different tools will have varying features and the best approach often involves a blend of AI and human creativity.

Course structuring and ideation

AI tools are great at helping educators brainstorm, organize, and structure their courses. They can analyze learning objectives and suggest a logical sequence of topics or even create a course outline. By automating this part of the process, AI allows educators to establish a strong foundational structure for their courses.

Creating assessments and interactive elements 

AI can help create assessments, quizzes, and assignments. It can generate diverse question types, randomize questions to prevent cheating, and even adapt the difficulty level based on student performance. It can generate interactive elements like gamified content, enhancing the learning experience by making it more engaging and interactive.

Student engagement

AI’s role in personalizing the learning experience includes recommending relevant materials, adjusting the course pace based on individual progress, and providing immediate feedback on assignments and quizzes. AI-driven chatbots and virtual teaching assistants can also engage with students in real time, answering questions and offering assistance, enhancing student engagement.

Creating full courses

Some AI tools create draft courses from start to finish. However, the final course will always need human input. Educators can enhance their courses with additional media and personalization to ensure they align with their educational goals and style. AI allows human educators to focus on refining and enhancing the learning experience.

The ideal approach to course creation often involves a collaboration between AI tools and human educators. While AI is great at automating many aspects of course creation, a human touch adds the depth, creativity, and adaptability necessary to craft excellent learning experiences.

How much should course creators rely on AI?

The question of how much course creators should rely on AI is important for educators to think about. When evaluating AI features, educators must make sure to input their own unique voice throughout every course or lesson they create. 

Sensei LMS, a leading LMS plugin for WordPress and developed by Automattic, is a great way of navigating this. As pioneers in web innovation with products like, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Tumblr, Automattic has a strong track record for digital advancements.

Sensei's homepage

Sensei is pro-AI, with the caveat that it needs the course creator’s knowledge and expertise to function. It offers a range of highly useful AI features that assist course creators in developing. These features help with tasks, enhance personalization, and foster student engagement. 

AI should be a tool that augments the course creator’s abilities without replacing them. High-quality educational experience lies in the unique value of the educator, which AI cannot replicate. Fully automated AI tools that create courses quickly, while tempting for a quick fix, often result in low-quality, generic, and unfulfilling learning experiences. Sensei LMS emphasizes that the human touch is indispensable for crafting meaningful, engaging courses.

Exploring Sensei’s AI features for course creation

AI Course Creator tools like Sensei LMS take course development to the next level, offering educators resources to enhance their content. Let’s look into the unique capabilities of AI in course creation and how it’s shaping the future of online education.

AI Course Outline: Structure your course instantly

Course creation tool in Sensei

AI Course Outline, a key feature of Sensei Pro, uses the course description, the skill level of the target audience, and the intended audience to generate a structured course outline. Modules and lessons are then organized to aid in the course development process.

Educators may choose to retain some AI-generated modules and lessons while expanding on the initial outline as the course develops, evolves, and becomes more tailored to the unique perspectives and experiences the creator is able to provide. The AI’s primary function is to provide a foundation for course creators, prompting them to refine and edit the outline to craft a great learning experience.

For example, imagine you’re creating a digital marketing course. The AI generates a preliminary outline featuring modules like Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. While these modules offer a strong starting point, educators can customize and expand them, using their expertise and creativity to ensure the course aligns precisely with what they want to deliver.

AI Quiz Generator: Automatically create assessments

Screenshot of the quiz creation tool with Sensei

According to research, quizzes improve knowledge retention and increase learner satisfaction. With the AI Quiz Generator in Sensei, you can scan course content, generate multiple-choice questions, and effectively eliminate manual quiz creation. The benefits of this are:

  • Time-saving: This feature is a game-changer for educators, saving them precious time while ensuring quizzes align seamlessly with course content.
  • Enhanced student interaction: With more time on their hands, educators can devote their efforts to providing personalized feedback and getting to know their students better.
  • Effortless quiz creation: The AI tool generates three questions along with correct and incorrect answers, providing educators with a solid foundation for their quizzes. Manual revisions can add that essential touch of nuance and expertise.

The tool generates three questions, complete with both correct and incorrect answers. While manual revisions are encouraged for nuance and expertise, the AI-generated quiz is a great starting point. 

The AI Quiz Generator significantly accelerates quiz creation, enhancing efficiency without compromising the quality of assessments offering educators more time to focus on refining other aspects of their courses.

Tutor AI: A virtual guide for enhanced student engagement

Screenshot of Tutor AI with Sensei

Another of Sensei’s AI-centric features is Tutor AI, which is a virtual guide to elevate student engagement and learning.

Although this tool won’t be used at the course creation stage, Tutor AI is an integrated chatbox powered by ChatGPT, designed to engage students in meaningful conversations. It prompts students with questions and offers guidance until they arrive at the correct answer, transforming the learning experience into an interactive lesson.

How does TutorAI work?

  • Targeted question types: TutorAI is ideal for single questions with straightforward, singular answers. This feature is designed to simplify the process of handling such questions.
  • Dynamic student interaction: Students engage in a dynamic back-and-forth with TutorAI, making up to five attempts to answer a question. This interactive approach encourages active learning.
  • Instant feedback: TutorAI provides students with the correct response after each attempt, facilitating immediate learning and understanding. This real-time feedback is a valuable tool for the educational process.
  • Lesson integration: Educators can designate these AI-driven interactions as requirements for completing specific lessons. This ensures students actively engage with the content and meet the course objectives.
  • Enhanced learning environment: TutorAI creates a more interactive and engaging learning environment. Students benefit from real-time guidance and support, ultimately enhancing their comprehension and retention of course material.

These AI-driven features have revolutionized course development by removing the limitations of traditional courses. Sensei empowers educators with tools that are indispensable for optimizing the course creation process, resulting in richer, more personalized, and more efficient educational experiences for both educators and learners.

Get started with Sensei: Revolutionize your course creation today

Using AI in course creation has become a transformative tool for any teacher who wishes to create an eLearning course.

Sensei’s trio of AI features, including AI Course Outlines, AI Quiz Generator, and Tutor AI, allows educators to amplify the quality and efficiency of their course creation process. 

The platform offers a suite of interactive elements, diverse quiz options, reusable lesson templates, and group learning features, all thoughtfully designed to facilitate course creation on a wider scale. Its flexible pricing plans offer the perfect avenue to get you started. For those already well-versed in WordPress, Sensei Pro is an ideal choice, while the Sensei Bundle provides a solution for aspiring creators who are yet to establish a website.

Ready to unlock the potential of your course creation process and make a lasting impact on the future of eLearning?

Get started with Sensei!

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