Sensei LMS & Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.1 Betas

Updated on June 10, 2019

The Sensei LMS and Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.1 betas are ready for testing.

Sensei LMS 2.1

Here are the highlights of the Sensei LMS 2.1 release:

  • We added an Edit Course button to the lesson page to enable easier navigation to the course page (currently only available in the classic editor).
  • We made the queries on the Analysis page more performant. This should help speed things up for sites with a significant number of learners.
  • We fixed an issue with teachers not being able to save course settings in the block editor.
  • We fixed a long-standing issue with the module status overlapping the module name on single course page for long module names.
  • We’ve enabled the ability to add more HTML elements to Sensei notices.
  • We added some event logging to the WordPress dashboard. More details can be found here.

See what else is in this release.

Template File Change

  • single-course/modules.php – Moved the location of module status to inside the header element

New Hook

  • sensei_complete_lesson_redirect_url – Disable the redirect that occurs after completing a lesson

Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.1

In addition to the changes from Sensei LMS, there are a couple of additional items in the Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.1 release:

  • We fixed an issue with the course purchase confirmation not being displayed on the correct page. The confirmation notice will now show on the Order Received page after a course is purchased.
  • We replaced a call to the deprecated WooCommerce Memberships get_content_restricted_message function.

Release Testing

You can download the Sensei LMS 2.1 beta here. Beta testers will receive the Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.1 beta directly to their inbox. Our tentative release date for both Sensei LMS and Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.1 is June 17th.

If you find a bug in the beta, please submit an issue on Github or leave a comment here.

As this is a beta release, please test it on a staging site and not your live site. If you don’t have a staging site, you can use the WP Staging plugin to create one.

Thank you to all our testers and contributors!

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