New! Guest Users, Glossary, Accordion Block, and More

Updated on July 3, 2023

We’re excited to share the latest Sensei LMS and Sensei Pro updates. These releases are designed to make course building easier and more engaging than ever before.

Let’s take a closer look at the highlights below.

Guest Students

As part of the free Sensei LMS plugin, you will find a new option in the Course Settings to enable Open Access.

Open Access courses allow site visitors to easily access and complete the course without registration or sign-in requirements. The added convenience of tracking course progress for guest students is made possible by setting a session cookie through their browser. Course progress may not be retained if the user blocks cookies or if the student switches to a different device or browser.

Preview As A Student

Before & After using the ‘Preview as Student’ tool

We used the new Guest Student feature to also make a new ‘Preview as Student’ tool available for course instructors and site administrators when previewing a course.

This means you no longer have to enrol in a course to see it the same way your students will. And you can quickly go back and forth between previewing the course and seeing it as an unenrolled student.

Preview as a student works with the free Sensei LMS and Sensei Pro.

Course Glossary

Add popup tooltips to keywords in a lesson

Empower your lessons with added context and clarity using the new ‘Glossary’ tool, now available to all Sensei Pro users. Conveniently located under the Sensei LMS menu in your WordPress dashboard, the Glossary tool allows you to define and include keywords or acronyms in your lessons, providing helpful information at a glance for your students.

You can create an unlimited number of keywords and provide the definition along with any additional information you choose to include, such as text, lists, or images.

In any lesson that contains a keyword, the first instance will be underlined, and when the student hovers over the term, a popup appears displaying the definition.

Accordion Block

Add accordion sections to any content

Bring your lesson content to life with the latest addition to the Sensei Pro suite of Interactive Blocks – the accordion block!

Designed to minimize distractions and keep learners focused, the accordion block integrates with Sensei’s ‘required content’ feature, ensuring that learners open all accordion items before completing the lesson.

In addition to the accordion block, Sensei Pro also offers other Interactive Blocks, including image hotspots, interactive videos, quiz questions, and flashcards, to make your lessons even more engaging. Best of all, these blocks can be added to any WordPress page or post, giving you the flexibility to create unique and interactive learning experiences for your students anywhere on your site.

Course List Block on Course Pages

Last year we rolled out a new Course List block to give you more customization options in how courses are displayed on your site.

This update replaces the older legacy Course Listing on the default Courses page with this new block.

Bulk Adding For Groups

For those using the Groups & Cohorts features in Sensei, we’ve made it easier to add (or remove) multiple students from a Group.

Just visit the Sensei LMS > Students screen and use the new ‘Add to Group’ and ‘Remove from Group’ bulk actions.

More Soon

As we previewed in our 2022 End-of-year Wrap Up Post, there are more improvements to help you build and sell better courses in the works.

Please update your plugins to ensure you have the latest for the performance and security of your site.

And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about two big announcements that we have coming soon. Including a way to help drive traffic and potential students to your course listing pages.

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