Introducing The Sensei + Bundle

Updated on April 18, 2023

Save big and launch faster with this new and exciting offer.

We know that launching a new website for an LMS can be overwhelming, with numerous decisions to make, such as choosing a hosting provider and figuring out how to manage courses, payments, backups, and more. That’s why we’ve put together a one-stop solution that saves you time and money.

We call it the Sensei Bundle.

The Sensei Bundle is an all-in-one package that includes everything you need to launch your courses with ease. With blazing-fast managed hosting, Sensei Pro for courses, and best-in-class tools for security, videos, marketing, and ecommerce, you can say goodbye to the hassle and stress of setting up your online course business.

Best of all, by rolling it all in together, the Sensei Bundle can save you over $450 per year! Read on to learn how.

Cloud Hosting

The web host is the foundation of your entire site and is the most significant factor when it comes to speed and reliability.

In a recent test by Review Signal, hosting had the fastest page load speeds in its class. In addition, it was the only company with zero downtime during the testing period. 

The cloud infrastructure includes redundancy and automatic data center failover, meaning if servers in one data center happen to have trouble, we’ll serve your site from a different location. No other web host does this without charging hundreds (or thousands) of dollars a month.

On top of that, you get access to Jetpack-powered security features like complete audit logs, a Web Application Firewall, Akismet anti-spam, and DDoS protection.

For more technical users or developers, there is SFTP, SSH, WP-CLI and Git integration too.

Learn more about hosting at

Marketing & Content

You’ll have access to Jetpack Stats, which puts detailed analytics in your site’s dashboard with no setup or extra tracking codes needed.

You likely won’t need additional SEO plugins, as Jetpack’s tools let you customize titles and meta descriptions and publish an XML sitemap for search engines.

Connect your site with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tumblr, and automatically share (or schedule!) new posts on social media networks to help grow your audience.

Learn more about Jetpack tools.

Selling Courses

Sensei was originally a WooCommerce extension, and our deep roots and integration with WooCommerce continue to be a leading reason why users choose us.

If you need to sell access to your courses, we’ll automatically install WooCommerce for you and walk you through the configuration. The checkout process is secure, optimized for conversions, and easy for your customers.

Accept online payments for courses using WooCommerce Payments with a low 2.9% transaction fee. You can add any additional WooCommerce extensions or use other payment processors too.

Learn more about WooCommerce Payments.

Video Hosting

You get 200GB of storage, including videos powered by our VideoPress service, which integrates with Sensei courses and makes it easy to keep course videos private. 

Require videos to be watched before marking a lesson complete. Add chapters and interactive ‘pause point’ content to videos too.

You will no longer need a Vimeo subscription or host course videos with ads from YouTube. You can upload videos directly to your course, saving you both time and money.

Learn more about VideoPress.

Course Creation

You get access to all Sensei Pro features, including groups & cohorts, distraction-free course templates, flashcards, image hotspots, accordions, and more.

And last but not least, we set you up with our modern and customizable WordPress Course theme, which is tailored for course creators and LMS sites.

If you’d prefer something else, the Sensei Bundle includes access to dozens of premium themes, and you can upload any WordPress theme or plugin to your site as well.

Learn more about Sensei Pro.

Expert Support

Everything in the Sensei Bundle is exclusively designed, developed, and supported by the experts here at Automattic, ensuring a seamless and optimized experience.

In case you require assistance, you can reach out to us via a dedicated area of your WordPress dashboard. For annual subscribers, this includes live chat hosting support for quick and efficient resolution.

Learn about Automattic and how we make the web a better place.

Pricing & Savings

It may sound too good to be true, but hosting your WordPress-powered course or LMS site with the Sensei Bundle can save you over $450 per year.

Here’s how:

  • Managed hosting (w/ backups and staging) – $300+ per year
  • Security plugin – $100+ per year
  • Performance plugin – $60+ per year
  • Social/Marketing plugins – $120+ per year
  • Video hosting – $120+ per year
  • Sensei Pro – $179 per year

Purchased separately is at least $879 per year.

The Sensei Bundle is $399 USD per year*

*We offer pricing in multiple local currencies for the Sensei Bundle. For currencies other than USD, pricing will be displayed during checkout based on your location.

No more need to shop around for security, SEO, performance, or stats plugins. With the Sensei Bundle, you get all these crucial features in a single, integrated solution, providing seamless compatibility and peace of mind.

Frequent Questions

Can I migrate an existing site to the Sensei Bundle?


If your site is already on, then you can add Sensei Pro from the plugins menu at the discounted price.

If your site is hosted elsewhere, you can create a new site using the Sensei Bundle and then use the Move to plugin to migrate all of your plugins, theme, and content.

Can I add additional plugins and themes?

Yes. The Business plan allows you to add any WordPress plugin or theme. Including any favorite premium plugin or theme you may have.

Are there any limits to traffic or the number of users? sites aren’t metered based on bandwidth or pageviews, regardless of your plan.

Is there a free trial?

There is no free trial of the Sensei Bundle. However, you can create a free demo site to try out Sensei Pro.

You can also cancel anytime within the refund period and get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

How can I get support with the Sensei Bundle?

The easiest way to get help, should you need it, is to log in to your site and use the tools there to reach out to our Happiness support team.

For those who purchase an annual plan, you will also have access to live chat support.

Getting Started

We will keep working at bringing more value to Sensei Pro for course creators, and with this bundle, becomes the best (and most affordable) place to host your Sensei-powered courses website.

Create your new site with the Sensei Bundle today. 

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