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WooCommerce Paid Courses FAQ

Updated on January 30, 2023

Looking for answers about WooCommerce Paid Courses? This document should help.

What is WooCommerce Paid Courses?

WooCommerce Paid Courses is the version of Sensei Pro which is purchased as a WooCommerce extension on

The features and functionality are the same as Sensei Pro purchased on or The difference is that licensing and payment of WooCommerce Paid Courses is handled on

Do I need to also install Sensei LMS?

Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses is a bundle of two separate plugins — Sensei LMS and WooCommerce Paid Courses. Because Sensei LMS comes pre-bundled, Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses does not require Sensei LMS to be installed separately (but it will still work if it is).

How Do I Switch to the Free Version?

If you decide to downgrade to the free version of Sensei LMS that is on, you will need to update any Sensei extensions you may already have installed to version 2.0.0 or higher. Older versions of extensions are not compatible with the version of Sensei LMS that is on

You will also need to ensure that the Delete data on uninstall setting in Sensei LMS > Settings is NOT checked before deleting WooCommerce Paid Courses or Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses. Otherwise, your course data would be deleted when the plugin is uninstalled. To be extra safe, consider backing up your site before uninstalling.