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Tailored Course Outline

Updated on September 12, 2023

What is Tailored Course Outline?

Starting with Sensei Pro v.1.16.0, Sensei offers a new AI-powered way to shape your course: Tailored Course Outline!

When starting a brand new course, enter a few details, and Sensei will generate a course outline to help you jump-start the process.

You can edit the Course Outline, add Modules, and adjust your input to publish your initial Lessons more quickly.

The AI Course Outline is available in Sensei Pro.

How to use the AI-powered Tailored Course Outline feature

With Sensei Pro, after you create a Course, you will see a selection screen where it is possible to choose if you want to start creating the course outline from scratch or using our AI assistant.

Tailored Course Outline Fields

Clicking on the “Generate with AI” button, you can see the following options:

Course Description

It will start with the same value you set during the course creation. This field, along with the course title, will be used to provide context about the subject of your course.

This field, together with the course title will be used to provide context about what is the subject of your course.

Skill Level

Define the desired depth of content for the lessons.

Intended Audience

The value provided in the context tells us about the identity and background of the students, including their interests, abilities, and experiences. This information can help us understand their learning preferences and develop effective teaching strategies catering to their needs.

Generating the Lessons with Tailored Course Outline AI

After filling in the fields, click on “Generate with AI” and the suggested lessons titles will be created. Then, you can save your course to have the lessons created, and then you can edit each Lesson.

Tweaking the generated lessons

After you generate the lessons using the Tailored Course Outline feature, you can generate new Lessons again by tweaking the values on the Tailored Course Outline screen.

To do that, select the Course Outline block and click on the “Generate new” button.

This button is also available on existing courses, so you can reshape them.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that generating new lessons for an already existing course and saving them will remove the existing lessons from the course.