New Block Visibility, Scheduled Content, and Group Features

Updated on August 10, 2022

The latest releases of Sensei LMS and Sensei Pro are packed full of improvements, bug fixes, and new tools.

Here’s a quick overview to keep you in the know.

Block Visibility

Also known as ‘Conditional Content,’ when editing courses and lessons, you will see Block Visibility settings for each block and group of blocks.

Here are a few ways you can hide or show content:

  • Display a special offer to students that have completed a course.
  • Share additional info with students that have completed a lesson.
  • Show parts of lessons to enrolled students only when lesson previews are enabled.

Schedule Content

Screenshot of visibility controls for scheduling.

You can also use the new visibility tools to schedule course and lesson content in two different ways.

  1. Schedule by date and time — for example, schedule a zoom link to show only during the date and time of the zoom call.
  2. Schedule by number of days — show content after a set number of days that the student started the course.
Screenshot of visibility controls for Groups.

Show By Groups

Last month, we introduced new Groups functionality to Sensei Pro. Now you can easily show any content in a lesson to a specific group.

Share a unique link to a survey to a group, show the group contact information to a facilitator assigned to the group, give a discount code to a group, or much more.

What Else Is New?

In addition to block visibility tools, the latest releases also include:

  • Support for custom slugs for Modules
  • Flashcard block stability improvements
  • Image Hotspot card style and animation improvements
  • Front-end performance improvements
  • Under the hood improvements to videos (preparing for a big new feature coming soon)
  • Various bug fixes around modules, quizzes, email notifications, and reports.

The full changelog of Sensei LMS is here.

The full changelog of Sensei Pro is here.

If you aren’t yet using everything that Sensei Pro offers, this is a great time to give it a try. We offer a 14-day refund guarantee, with expert support should you need it.

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