Sensei 1.9.8 Maintenance Release

Howdy! Sensei 1.9.8 is now available and can be updated using the WooCommerce Helper.

We fixed a handful of issues in this release:

  • Fix – Removed HTML output on lesson complete message
  • Fix – The video HTML tag now works properly in the video embed field
  • Fix – Deleted/non-existant courses showing in course order list
  • Fix – Completed lessons showing ‘in progress’ label
  • Fix – Missing link in log in message
  • Fix – Conflict with Heroic Knowledge Base
  • Fix – HTML showing in grading for uploaded files
  • Fix – Lessons show ‘please complete the previous course’
  • Fix – Conflict with Jetpack: iframe video embeds converting to shortcodes
  • Fix – Parse errors on PHP <5.3
  • Fix – typo in sensei_has_user_completed_prerequisite_lesson
  • Fix – Conflict with Wishlist Member

A total of 40 commits made it into this release, from 4 contributors.

As always, if you experience any issues with this release, please submit a support ticket and our ninjas will be happy to assist.

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