Sensei 1.9.17 Released

Howdy! Sensei 1.9.17 is available and can be updated using the WooCommerce Helper.

  • Fix Add learner to course and complete course sends two duplicate emails
  • Fix Modules: WooCommerce 2.6.x Select2 compatibility fix
  • Fix Incorrect heading structure: Use proper headings hierarchy for settings and data updates
  • Fix Usernames with a . or @ don’t work for loading user profiles (Get learner profiles by login, not slug)
  • Prevent Fatal Jetpack removing module taxonomy
  • Add bulk recalculate completion
  • Fix Modules: Teachers should only view their own modules
  • Fix: Lesson image does not display on single course page
  • Add User Courses Shortcode: Filter for conditionally displaying toggles
  • Fix Memberships: Query all restricted content
  • Fix Lesson image does not respect size setting
  • Fix Remove trailing whitespaces from translatable strings [Pri] Low [Type] Bug
  • Fix Unable to add Existing Questions to Quiz with Search Filter (PHP 7.1.4)

Many thanks to all our contributors! As always, if you experience issues, please submit a support ticket and our ninjas will be happy to assist.

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