Sensei 1.9.14 Released

Updated on April 25, 2017

Howdy! Sensei 1.9.14 is available and can be updated using the WooCommerce Helper.

  • Fix minor syntax in course categories widget #1786
  • Add filter for permitted data update functions #1783
  • WC 3.0 Compat: Fix admin course notices #1788
  • WC 3.0 Compat: Ignore orphaned product variations #1789
  • Make sure sensei_message save hook runs after CPT is registered #1770. Fixes Compatibility issue with Safe Redirect Manager
  • Fix non-localization friendly quiz title #1768
  • use $wpdb->users and $wpdb->comments instead of $wpdb->prefix on Bulk Learner Action Query

Many thanks to all our contributors! As always, if you experience issues, please submit a support ticket and our ninjas will be happy to assist.

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