Useful Objectives (1:29)


Share each lesson’s objective with the learner.


All right. So the very first thing you do when you create any new course is to decide what are the course objectives. What are the things that you want the students to be able to know or do, or learn during the course? And then you take those objectives, there really shouldn’t be too many, and you break them down into lessons.

Each lesson should have maybe one objective, maybe half of an objective, no more than two, really, objectives. And there’s a whole bunch on the web about how to keep course objectives, and the lesson objectives make them actionable, make the measurable, make them very specific. But the most important thing I can say is to share those objectives and those individual lesson objectives with the students right in the video, or right in the text below the video, or in the course content elsewhere.

Make sure the students know, at least once, if not twice, within a lesson, what it is that you’re expecting they get out of that lesson. This was so important back when I was becoming a teacher that we had an acronym for it — the student will be able to (TSWBAT). And it was kind of drilled into us. We had to always tell the students what it is that we needed them to learn. So let’s put that into our video courses and that’ll really make a difference and let the students know what to grab onto.

And what you’re telling them and what you’re providing.