It Only Gets Worse (2:05)


Your first take to record a video is often the best. Don’t strive for perfection.


A few years ago, I was recording a marketing video with some colleagues, there was four of us. On the video and it was an interview video. We were talking about a new product, a new features. And we wanted the video to be really good. We were sending this out to all of our customers and we were going to be using it in hopes to get new customers. We want it to make everyone happy. Right.

And it was supposed to be like a five minute video where we were all just kind of answering some questions that we had pre-prepared. It’s gonna be pretty simple, not a whole lot of work. And we sat down to record it. And what happened? Oh, it never failed. Every time we hit record. A few minutes in, or even just a few seconds in one of us would flub over some words or say something in a way that, that we really didn’t like.

So we would just start over record again. We can edit it all together. What was supposed to be a five minute video? Took us like four hours to record and then took a professional video editor, like two days to stitch together to something that was presentable. And afterwards, we all agreed that like if we would have just hit record for five minutes and kept going through our flubs and our gaffs and we just kind of made it a little bit more informal, it probably would’ve been a much better, more impactful video in it sure would have taken a whole lot less time.

For a very similar result. And the lesson here is that. I find that every time I record video record audio, or even like, try to edit a blog post or something. I only seem to make it worse. The longer I spend on it, after I get it out initially. It’s not going to be perfect. It’s okay to have little ums and little mistakes or say something a little strangely.

It’s really only going to get worse. The more you keep going over and over. With it. So keep that in mind, give yourself permission to not put something out there that’s perfect on the first take and that’s okay. Your students really will be happy with it.