(Don’t) Be Repetitive (1:07)


Mix up how you share content – not just video, but include images, text, links, and more.


One of the things that you’ll hear many experts say is that humans need to hear something three times or seven times or 10 times or something like that in order to memorize something or to really understand something new. And there can be some truth to that. More difficult concepts can take some repetition. If you’re trying to memorize a phone number, saying it out loud a few times can really help you.

But my caution here is don’t be too repetitive. It’s going to be very tempting to keep saying the same thing in hopes that it really starts to sink into the learner. The danger here is that you turn off motivation when someone hears something again for the 📍 second time or the third time, they really just stop listening. They tune out.

So mix it up. Give access to the same information in multiple ways, using images, using other types of videos, using text, send them off to links on the web. That’s how you can get repetitive without being repetitive.

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