Biggest Trap (1:17)


The content of your lessons is way more important than the technology you use to record or deliver your courses.


This lesson is very much related to the last lesson. The biggest trap I see people fall into is that they worry about the technology, the camera, the lighting, the sound quality, all of that, much more than they worry about the actual content. Of the lesson. So don’t do that. It’s really that simple.

You don’t need to be putting out. Hollywood level courses and videos. I’m certainly not here. And I hope that you’re finding that that’s okay. So my secret, and this is not an advertisement. I’m not paid to say this or anything, but I use descript. D E S C R I P T .com. It makes it very easy for me to edit quickly.

To get transcripts of videos to put this pretty decent fake green screen behind me. All those sorts of things. There’s a, uh, audio quality tool built in as well. So if you use a tool like descript, And go through it on the first time, try to get your best first take and you don’t really have to spend all that much money by the way. This is just the camera and the microphone right out of my MacBook.

So I think it’s okay.