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Include ways to provide students with feedback (and peer feedback!) on their progress.


While engaging and interactive content can really help set a course apart. It is the feedback that you provide students that really makes a course, of course. And feedback can be really hard to give in an online course. The best feedback is probably that feedback from you, the expert from the instructor directly to the students.

But realistically, that’s not always possible. And so we need to come up with other ways of giving. Back to the students, giving feedback to the students so that they know that they are on the right path, that they can demonstrate the new skill or understanding of the new knowledge. So quizzes are the most common way of adding feedback directly to a, an online course. And we’re gonna do that here. There’s a quiz at the end of this lesson, so that we can see how well you’ve been paying attention. And kind of get some feedback right back to you in real time. The other tip I want to leave you with is try to figure out a way to incorporate peer feedback into your course. So that is students being able to give feedback to other students, to being able to collaborate, to give ideas, to give affirmations or a pat on the back for some motivation.

And, and really, um, criticize and critiques as well. Um, we want to set them up. In a way that can be positive and helpful for that. So there’s, uh, can be a little hard to do, but I want to set you up here as we get to the end of this course. With a challenge, look for a way to let students interact with each other in a way that they can give each other feedback along the way