Introducing Manual Enrollment Only Courses & Group Invite Links

Updated on November 3, 2023

Managing online courses effectively is essential for educators, and Sensei LMS is continuously evolving to provide more control and flexibility. We are excited to introduce our latest features that make course enrollments more versatile!

Manual Enrollment Only Courses

As part of the free Sensei LMS plugin, you can now disable self-enrollment on a per course basis. This means that students can only be enrolled manually by teachers or administrators:

Why is this useful?

  • Certification Programs: When a course is part of a certification program, ensuring that students meet specific prerequisites and eligibility criteria is essential. Manual enrollment guarantees that only qualified individuals gain access to the course.
  • Limited Capacity Courses: In situations where a course has limited seats or resources, manual enrollment enables control over the number of students admitted. This ensures a fair and manageable class size.
  • Group Invites: See below!

Group Invite Links

Adding large number of students to groups can sometimes be a cumbersome process. Group Invite Links are designed to make it easier by inviting students to join a group through a page on your site.

How It Works

  1. Disable Self-Enrollment: If you would like to restrict enrollment in any courses that are part of a group to just the group’s members, select the Don’t allow self-enrollment checkbox for each course.
  2. Generate Invite Links: From the Groups page, click Copy invite link to generate a unique invite link for the group.
  3. Send Invitations: Once you have the invite link, you can distribute it to the individuals you wish to add to your group. You can send these links via email, messaging apps, or other communication channels.
  4. Instant Enrollment: When someone clicks on your invite link, they are directed to a page that enables them to join the group. They are automatically placed into the relevant group, and enrolled in any courses that are part of that group. And that’s it!

Update to the latest versions of Sensei and Sensei Pro now to gain access to our newest features!

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