Tutor AI Block

Transform your WordPress course with engaging and interactive conversations — without even needing to be online! Simply ask a question, and the AI will provide immediate chat responses, delivering valuable hints and feedback to guide your students toward the correct answer.

Works with Sensei LMS and any other WordPress LMS plugin!

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Teach Any Topic

Our Tutor AI block can handle any subject matter, as it leverages information directly from what you are teaching.

Learning Made Personal

The AI-powered conversation keeps learners engaged and motivated as they work to solve the problem or answer the question.

Preguntas frecuentes

How does Tutor AI work?

We’ve integrated with Open AI’s ChatGPT to power this service. You enter the question and the correct answer, and Tutor AI takes care of the rest.

Do I need my own Open AI API Key?

No. The system uses our native integration, keeping costs down for you. Your questions and the student’s responses are passed securely to ChatGPT, which then sends back responses to your WordPress site in near real-time.

What kind of questions can I ask with Tutor AI?

Tutor AI works best with questions that have a short and single answer. It will also work with more complex or ambiguous topics, but the AI may give unexpected respones.

Are there any limits or other important info to know?

To protect against abuse, users must be logged in to interact with the Tutor AI.

Do I have to use Sensei LMS?

You do not. With the Sensei Interactive Blocks plugin, you can use Tutor AI and our other Interactive Blocks on any WordPress page, post, or with other plugins — including LearnDash, Lifter LMS, and Tutor LMS.

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Add an interactive teacher to any course, page, or blog post.

Sensei Bloques Interactivos vs. Sensei Pro

Los Bloques Interactivos Sensei se pueden utilizar en cualquier sitio WordPress. Sensei LMS y cursos en línea no son necesarios.
Sensei Pro está diseñado para creadores de cursos.

Bloques interactivos Sensei

$60 USD

al año, 1 sitio

Utiliza nuestros bloques interactivos en cualquier lugar: páginas, entradas, lecciones y otros plugins.

  • Sensei LMS no es necesario
  • Vídeos interactivos
  • Tutor AI
  • Preguntas de cuestionarios
  • Fichas
  • Puntos calientes de imagen
  • Acordeones
  • Listas de tareas
  • Funciona con cualquier tema de WordPress
  • 1 año de actualizaciones y soporte

Sensei Pro

$179 USD

al año, 1 sitio

Desbloquea funciones avanzadas y genera ingresos con tus cursos en línea.

  • Bloques interactivos Sensei incluidos
  • Crear y vender cursos en línea
  • Programar goteo de contenido
  • Grupos y cohortes
  • AI Quizzes
  • Fijar la fecha de caducidad de los cursos
  • Cuestionarios temporizados y preguntas de ordenación
  • Vídeos y bloques obligatorios en tus lecciones
  • Funciona con cualquier tema de WordPress
  • 1 año de actualizaciones y soporte

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