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Sensei LMS Media Attachments

Updated on January 30, 2023

Sensei LMS Media Attachments is an extension for the Sensei LMS plugin. You must have Sensei LMS installed in order for it to function.

Installing Sensei LMS Media Attachments

  1. Download the plugin to your computer
  2. Login to your WordPress admin panel, and go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Go to Upload > Choose File and browse to the folder where you downloaded the Sensei LMS Media Attachments plugin file.
  4. Double-click the plugin file, select Install Now and then Activate the plugin.

Sensei LMS Media Attachments Overview

Sensei LMS Media Attachments enables you to attach media files to your courses and lessons in Sensei LMS.

Attaching Media Files to a Course/Lesson

After installing the plugin, when editing either a course or a lesson, you will see a new Course Media / Lesson Media panel:

Course Media
The Course Media panel in a course edit screen

To attach a media file to a course/lesson:

  • In the Course Media / Lesson Media panel, click on the first Upload File button.
  • Click Upload Files > Select Files
  • Select the media file from your computer and double-click on it to upload.
  • Click Select once the file has finished uploading.
  • You can click the other Upload File button to attach another media file.
  • If you need to attach more than two files, click the Add More Files button, and you will be able to upload additional files.
  • When you’ve finished uploading files, update the course/lesson.

Attached files will be displayed as a list of links under a Course Media / Lesson Media heading on the course/lesson page:

Course Media Display
Media attachments on a course page

Removing Attachments

To remove a media attachment, simply delete the file URL from the Course Media / Lesson Media panel, and update the course/lesson.

Supported File Types

All file types are supported.

File Size Restrictions

The maximum file upload size is determined by the limits set by WordPress and your server. See here if you find you need to increase those –