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Sensei BadgeOS

Updated on January 20, 2023

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sensei BadgeOS is no longer being developed or supported.

The “BadgeOS Sensei Add-on” lets learners earn achievements and badges from virtually every course, lesson and quiz activity available in the Sensei learning management system.

You set the rules or steps required, and learners automatically earn badges when conditions are met. The add-on creates a seamless bridge between Sensei and BadgeOS™, the powerful free plugin to WordPress for creating and managing achievement-driven sites, communities, and experiences.

You can download this extension here


  • Upload, activate and configure the free BadgeOS plugin available from
  • Unzip and upload the ‘badgeos-sensei’ plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the extension through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Add Sensei activity requirements to any new or existing achievement item using the “Earn by” > “Completing Steps” option for any achievement. In the “Required Steps” manager, choose “Sensei” and configure the achievement as desired.
  • Enter the Credly credentials for the badge issuer in the ‘Credly Integration’ settings of BadgeOS ‘ to enable lifelong badge management and storage for users via Credly.

For more information on installing and managing plugins see here.


You can set up Badges and Achievements that can be awarded for any of the following Sensei activities:

 Enroll in:

  • a specific Course
  • any Course
  • a course from a specific category
  • a course from any category


  • Pass a specific Quiz
  • Pass any Quiz
  • Achieve a minimum score on a specific Quiz
  • Achieve a minimum score on any Quiz


  • Complete a specific Course
  • Complete any Course
  • Complete a course from a specific Course category
  • Complete a course from any Course category


  • Complete a specific Lesson
  • Complete any Lesson

Badge Configuration

Once you have one or more Sensei activities created (such as a Course, Lesson or Quiz), visit the BadgeOS menu to create or edit Badges and/or other Achievements that can be earned by completing Sensei milestones.

You can create entirely new Achievement Types that relate to your Sensei learning activities, or simply use the default “Badges” option available in BadgeOS.  Let’s assume you are creating a Badge.

          1. Visit the “Badges” option in the BadgeOS menu.
          2. Click “Add New” at the top of the page to add a new badge.
          3. Use the title field for a Badge name, and the main body area for a badge description. Excerpts are suggested, too.
          4. Under the “Achievement Data” section, be sure you set the “Earned By” menu set to “Completing Steps“.

            Set "Earned by" to Completing Steps
            Set “Earned by” to “Completing Steps” for the achievement you are creating.
          5. Scroll down to the “Required Steps” section, and click “Add New Step“.
          6. From the “require” pull-down menu, choose “Sensei Activity”.
BadgeOS Sensei Activity Option
Look for the new “Sensei Activity” menu in your BadgeOS “Required Steps” manager.
          1. Then choose the Sensei activity that will be a condition for earning the badge. Some options will automatically expose additional menu choices. Decide how many times the activity must be completed (1 time is the default), and optionally add a descriptive label that describes the step (otherwise, the system will auto-generate one for you if you).

Make any Sensei activity an achievement worthy of a digital badge.

          1. If you wish to add more required steps, click “Add New Step” and repeat. Note that you can add both Sensei activities or any other supported actions on your site. Each step you create will become an additional required condition that must be completed before the badge is conferred to your users.
          2. When you are done adding steps, be sure to click “Save all Steps“, and then click Publish or Update for the badge to save the post.


How do learners see what badges they have earned?

One way is to enable the ‘BadgeOS Earned User Achievements’ widget from “Appearance > Widgets”. As users earn badges, they will see them appear in the widget.

BadgeOS Earned User Achievement Widget
Use the “BadgeOS Earned User Achievement Widget” to display badges and achievements to learners as they earn them.

Users can also see what badges they have completed on any page that uses the BadgeOS shortcode for displaying achievements. Completed achievements are shown in full color and unearned achievements are greyed out, and a menu lets users filter accordingly.

Another method is to use the free BuddyPress plugin in connection with the free Community Add-on to BadgeOS. This allows all or select badges to appear on user profile pages and activity feeds on your site.

How can I review and manage what badges have been issued to specific users?

Visit any user’s profile from the WordPress Users menu located on your site at /wp-admin/users.php. Look for the “Earned Achievements” section, where you can see all of the achievements already earned, revoke a badge if necessary or manually give an achievement.

How do I display a list of available achievements to users?

Add the BadgeOS shortcode for “List of Achievements” to any post or page. Several parameters are available, such as the ability to show just achievements of a certain type, or of selected types.

Any ideas for making badge images?

Yes! You can start at and use the badge builder there to create beautiful looking badges.

Can badges created for Sensei activities be sent to Credly?

Yes. Visit Credly Credly — the web service for displaying, storing and managing lifelong credentials — to create a free account to link to your Sensei site. Visit the “Credly Integration” settings in the BadgeOS menu on your WordPress site to connect the site to Credly. You can decide on a badge-by-badge basis which Sensei-linked achievements should be sent to Credly when earned by your site members. Learn more.



Getting a ‘Page not found’ or 404 message for a new achievement type.

Visit your WordPress permalinks page and click the button to update the settings (even without making any edits to your settings). That should do the trick.

How do I install and configure BadgeOS, and learn more about how to use it?

Check out a series of getting started Tutorials on the BadgeOS project site.