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Requiring Videos Be Watched

Updated on January 13, 2023

When editing a course page, you will see these Video settings in the right sidebar:

Screenshot of the Video settings in a course - for Autocomplete lesson, Autopause, and marking a video as Required.

Autocomplete lesson will mark a lesson as complete whenever a video in a lesson is watched to the end.

Autopause will attempt to stop playback of the video whenever another browser tab or a window is over the video being played.

Required will not allow the lesson to be marked as complete until the video is watched to the end.

A few important notes about these video settings:

  • These are applied to all lessons in a course.
  • Only videos embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, VideoPress, or uploaded directly to the WordPress site are supported.
  • If you add more than one video to a lesson, the Required and Autocomplete features will only apply to the first video that is watched by the student. So if adding more than one video, you may wish to break them up into multiple lessons.