Learning Mode


Learning Mode is Sensei’s approach to providing a distraction-free experience to students and allowing course creators to choose a modern layout for their courses. Sensei LMS, together with Sensei Pro, includes four different layouts to choose from. Moreover, course creators can customize each layout or build their own from scratch.

WordPress’ Site Editor allows designing the whole site using blocks, not just the post content. Learning Mode builds upon the Site Editor to allow course creators to leverage its advantages without requiring a block theme to be installed. Site editing features are available for lessons only without affecting the rest of the site.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how you can customize the Learning Mode templates, what Sensei already provides for you, and even how you can create your own templates.

How to enable Learning Mode

There are two ways to enable Learning Mode, enable it on a per-course basis or you can enable it for all courses. On new Sensei installations, Learning Mode is enabled by default for all courses.

To enable it for a single course only visit the course. In the Settings Sidebar to the right, make sure that the ‘Course’ settings are selected and open the ‘Learning Mode’ panel. You can preview how the lessons will look like by clicking ‘Preview’. To enable Learning Mode, click the toggle and then ‘Update’. This will update the layout for all the course’s lessons. The course layout will be unaffected.

Alternatively, you can enable Learning Mode for all courses by visiting Sensei settings in the administrator sidebar and selecting the Appearance tab.

Sensei settings Appearance tab

In the Appearance tab, you can also choose which Learning Mode layout to use. Clicking on ‘Preview’ will bring up a pop-up with a detailed image of the layout. Sensei LMS Free includes only one layout with more options being available in Sensei Pro.

Next, we will look into how you can apply your own customizations to Learning Mode templates.