Sensei’s Year In Review (And Big Plans For 2022)

Updated on December 8, 2021

A few weeks from now, Sensei LMS turns nine years old! 

We’ve powered tens of thousands of courses for millions of students in that time. And our WooCommerce integration has helped enable those selling courses to build thriving businesses. We’re thankful for all of you that have created, taught, and learned with Sensei over the years. 

Now to the point — this is just the beginning — your Sensei courses are better than ever, and 2022 will be a wild ride.

Let me tell you why…

In case you missed it

You can now create courses, lessons, and quizzes, all within the WordPress block editor. If you can write a post, you can publish entire courses without learning a new interface or jumping between multiple screens. 

By using the default WordPress experience, Sensei also becomes more customizable and developer-friendly. It is a win-win for all. 

Here are a few quick highlights:

What’s next for Sensei?

This year has been about improving the course creator experience, and while we’ll keep working on that, next year, we’ll focus on improving the experience for students.

Here’s a little preview of what we’re working on. 

Mockups of learner mode, showing a desktop and mobile view of the course layouts.

Sensei will soon have an optional “Learner Mode” that you can turn on for courses, lessons, and quizzes. This is a distraction-free and fully-brandable layout for courses — all in our free WordPress LMS plugin.

Every pixel of “Learner Mode” is optimized for readability, accessibility, mobile-friendliness, performance, and more.

You’ll be able to keep on using your existing theme whether or not you choose to enable “Learner Mode.” 

Other new features in the pipeline include:

  • student collaboration
  • a quiz timer (the long-time #1 requested Sensei feature)
  • video tools
  • interactive lesson elements
  • email notification automation 

Plus a whole lot more.

A growing Sensei team

If you are reading this far, you may be wondering, how is Sensei going to deliver so much so quickly?

Part of that answer is that our team keeps growing with quite a few new faces joining in the past few months. From new developers, to marketing, to well, me. 👋

My name is Ronnie, I’m a former educator, and for the past decade, I’ve led businesses at the intersection of WordPress and education. I recently joined Automattic (the company behind Sensei LMS) to help double down on our core mission:  

Democratize online learning by building the best Learning Management System for the web.

All this to say that Sensei is growing strong and is ready to help you launch your next online course. 

We are honored that you are here to join us. Stay tuned for more helpful content, announcements, and release information in the coming weeks and months. 

Happy teaching and learning!

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