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Quiz Improvements

The Sensei LMS team is currently hard at work on a couple of features that will ship over the next few releases – a setup wizard to walk new users through configuring Sensei, and adding the ability to export and import course content.

Although a bit further out, we’re also starting to look into making some much-needed improvements to quiz functionality. We’ve prepared several design concepts and are looking for your feedback on which you prefer and why.


The current paradigm of displaying all questions to the learner on a single page can be problematic. This is especially true when a quiz contains hundreds of questions.

To prevent overwhelming the learner, we are planning to show each question on its own page. This will require displaying buttons to enable the learner to move to the next question, and pagination so that they can view their progress.

Stepper – Option 1

Stepper pagination would be displayed either above or below the question, while on a mobile device it would be displayed along the right side:

Continue and Back buttons would be added below the question to enable the learner to move back and forth in the quiz, and the Contact Teacher button would be moved so that all actions are in the same location:

Traditional – Option 2

Traditional pagination could also be displayed either above or below the question:

Pagination above the quiz

If displayed below, then the breadcrumbs would need to move to above the question:

Pagination below the quiz


We are also planning to introduce a quiz timer, so that learners have a limited amount of time in which to complete the quiz.

Full-width – Option 1

The full-width timer would be fixed at the bottom of the page. Although fairly minimalistic, a full-width timer would enable the learner to keep a close eye on how much time they have left:

Circular – Option 2

The circular timer would be fixed at the bottom right corner of the page. This is a classical approach to a timer that may feel less intrusive to learners:

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these design concepts! Please leave your feedback in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Quiz Improvements

  1. Regarding to the pagination, I like the traditional pagination at the bottom and have a progress bar at the top.
    Regarding to the timer, both are great. If can, please add both options.

  2. Sensei is long overdue for a major useful release. The improvements to the quiz functionality would be greatly celebrated in the Sensei community of course authors and students alike.
    It is a bit sad to know that this much needed feature may not be coming as soon as needed. “Although a bit FURTHER out, we’re also starting to look into making some much-needed improvements to quiz functionality.”
    Nevertheless, let me chip in my little thoughts on the quiz functionality.
    Both the pagination and timer features are great.

    PAGINATION: Please give users the ability to choose between autoscroll to next question or manually moving to the next. Better if the course author has the option to either force the learner to attempt question (in which case they can’t move to the next question without providing answer to the current one) or allow them the leverage to skip questions and return to them later (in which case, unattempted questions should be highlighted with a specific color).
    Also, the option should be included whether to show the answers to the questions as soon as the question is attempted – highlighted in green if answered correctly or highlighted in red if the learner gets it wrong. Alternatively, answers could be displayed only at the end of the quiz. Both options should be made available to the course instructor to select in quiz settings.
    Score grading feature should also be considered. For example, if learner scores 0 – 40, he gets an F; 41 – 49 E; 50 – 59 D; 60 – 69 C; 70 – 79 B, 80 – 100 A. The author should be able to select which score range should be assigned to a grade. The grades could be words like Excellent, Very Good, Fair, Poor or Fail.

    TIMER: The quiz timer is one very useful feature I can’t wait to have. The proposed design concept is great. Thumbs up! Both layout options should be available to choose from the quiz settings, but I think I personally prefer the bar at either the bottom or the top of the question as it is less intrusive. Two timer types can be explored, the first being a timer for the entire quiz, which is the standard one, and the second being a timer per question. If a quiz is set to use the second option, once the time is up for that question, the next question autoscrolls in and the unanswered question is automatically marked as failed.

    I know rolling out these great features will take some time, so it is okay if they are released bit by bit, with improvements or new features included in small releases.

    There are great quiz plugins out there to take a look to get some ideas. One of them, which I used in the past but had to abandon as it looks like abandonware (hasn’t been updated in over 3 years) is WP PRO QUIZ. I just checked the WordPress plugin vault and it seems this plugin has been removed. It’s unfortunate the plugin author could not continue supporting, but for the time he did, he helped a lot of people create stunning quizzes. I can give you a copy of the plugin to look at if you want.

    We will so much love to see these features in our Sensei LMS, but if you feel they are too much for a free plugin, please release them in a commercial plugin with a competitive price. A lot of people will be happy to purchase and use it.

    Thank you for giving us Sensei, but it’s time for a lift!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Regarding WP Pro Quiz, is this the plugin you mean –

      1. Yes, that’s it. That plugin has been long abandoned and you can see it has over 20,000 active installations. Many of these users are still actually using the plugin. I am sure many are yearning for maintenance of the plugin or even a new one with similar features.

        I hope the quiz improvement will come soon!

        Thank you.

      2. Hi donnapep, any news regarding the timer for Sensei Quizzes? Thanks!

  3. “Stepper – Option 1” and “Circular – Option 2” looks professional.
    Please implement the quiz timer on our sensei lms, an educational LMS must have a timer.

    You can have a scheduled quiz timer.
    That is a control over the time when a quiz start and when it ends.
    For example: A quiz(online exam) can be set as like a real time examination on 30th August 2020, time starts: 10 am – time ends: 11 am

  4. I want to create the web examination using Sensei LMS.
    For this purpose the timer is an indispensable function, about which you are mentioning.
    Regarding this matter I have three questions.
    1) When can this function be provided?
    2) Does the function require the additional payment?
    3) I found a plug-in naming “Lesson Timer for Sensei”, which can add the function to Sensei LMS.
    Is that plug-in providing under your supervison?

  5. Not available yet? We are considering implementing the Sensei ecosystem but I think it’s essential to be able to display one question at a time on quizzes. The timers are a very nice plus too!

  6. What about developing the number of times a quiz can be taken?

    1. That feature isn’t currently on our roadmap. We do have an open issue for it that still has some open questions. Feel free to add your particular use case to the issue.

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