Creating Courses With Sensei

Question Types

You can easily add quizzes to Sensei lessons.

Question types include:

  • Multiple Choice (including more than 1 right answer)
  • Fill-in-the-Blank
  • True/False
  • Short Answer
  • Open-Ended (Long Answer)
  • File Upload
  • Ordering and Sorting

Here is a look at the quiz settings that are available.

  • Quiz Timer – Create a time limit to finish a quiz and a countdown timer will show to students once a quiz begins.
  • Pass Required – Enabling Pass Required means that learners need to achieve a particular grade before the lesson can be marked as completed. If disabled, the passmark defaults to 0, and the learner can complete the lesson without passing the quiz.
  • Passing Grade (%) – Passing Grade is the percent grade that must be obtained by the learner in order to pass the quiz. This setting is only visible if Pass Required is checked.
  • Auto Grade – When Auto Grade is enabled, all multiple choice, true/false, and gap fill questions are automatically graded. Questions must have at least 1 point assigned in order to be eligible for auto-grading.
  • Allow Retakes – If Allow Retakes is selected, the learner is able to reset the quiz and take it again.
  • Random Question Order – Selecting Random Question Order displays the questions in a different order every time a quiz that has not been completed is viewed.
  • Number of Questions – You can optionally choose to limit the number of questions to display to the learner by entering a value for Number of Questions. The questions are randomly selected.

Additionally, you can customize what is shown to the learner when reviewing their quiz after grading but failing to pass. All feedback is shown if they pass the quiz.

  • Indicate which questions are incorrect. – Show if their answer was correct or incorrect.
  • Show correct answers. – Show the correct answer for the question.
  • Show “Answer Feedback” text. – Show either the correct or incorrect content from the “Answer Feedback” section.