Creating Courses With Sensei

Course Theme

Sensei includes a distraction-free theme that we call ‘learner mode’ that you can choose to show to students when they access a course.

However, this theme does not replace your WordPress theme for the rest of your site.

You can also choose to display courses and lessons in any WordPress theme instead of using ‘learner mode’.

Here’s an overview of ‘learner mode,’ though you will see it looks familiar, as you are using it now!

Screenshot of a sample course in Sensei's Learning Mode.

Logo & Branding

Add a logo or icon for easy branding of your course.

Progress Bar

The progress bar informs students of how many lessons they have completed.


Consistent navigation helps students know what to do next.


Engage students with content like sliders, videos, accordions, flashcards, and more.

Custom Block Area

Add links, contact info, advertisements, and more in this area.

*Click on the orange circles in the image above to learn more.