Sensei LMS Course Progress 2.0.3

Sensei LMS Course Progress 2.0.3 has been released and includes the following changes:

  • An unnecessary call to user_started_coursehas been removed.

To install this update on your site, head on over to DashboardUpdates now!

Course Progress 2.0.1 and WooCommerce Paid Courses 1.2.2

We’ve just deployed new releases for the Course Progress and WooCommerce Paid Courses extensions.

Course Progress

Here’s what’s new in Course Progress 2.0.1:

WooCommerce Paid Courses

Here’s what’s new in WooCommerce Paid Courses 1.2.2:

  • We’ve fixed the possibility of a “technical difficulties” error appearing on the Courses page of some sites.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested these releases, it’s always possible that we’ve missed something. We recommend that you test the update on a staging site before updating your live site.

Sensei Course Progress 2.0

Sensei Course Progress 2.0 has just been released! 🎉

Please note that Sensei Course Progress 2.0 requires a minimum Sensei version of 1.11.0 and a minimum PHP version of 5.6. If you are not running Sensei 1.11.0+ and PHP 5.6+, please update to more recent versions of both before updating Course Progress.

If you’re not sure which version of PHP your site is running, you may find the How to Check Your WordPress Site’s PHP Version section of this article helpful. You can also read more about updating PHP on

What’s in this Release?

Here are the highlights of the Sensei Course Progress 2.0 release:

See what else is in this release.

Head over to DashboardUpdates to update Sensei Course Progress from within WordPress.

As usual, if you spot any issues, please log them on Github.

Please note: While we have thoroughly tested this release, it’s always possible that we’ve missed something. We recommend that you test the update on a staging site before updating your live site.

Sensei Certificates and Sensei Course Progress 2.0 Betas

We’ve just released new betas for Sensei Certificates and Sensei Course Progress, two of our most popular extensions.

These betas are a continuation of the work being done for Sensei 2.0. In particular, they add compatibility with the version of Sensei that will soon be available on The existing extensions are already compatible with the soon-to-be-released Sensei with WooCommerce Paid Courses plugin.

Please note that both Sensei Certificates 2.0 and Sensei Course Progress 2.0 require a minimum Sensei version of 1.11.0 and a minimum PHP version of 5.6.

Sensei Certificates

Here’s what else you’ll find in the Sensei Certificates release:

New Hook

  • sensei_certificates_run_installer – Run install-related tasks after checking that required dependencies have been met.

See what else is in this release or download the beta.

Sensei Course Progress

For Sensei Course Progress, we’ve fixed a bothersome bug that was affecting some themes like Divi and OceanWP. If your course progress widget didn’t look quite right before, it should look just fine with Sensei Course Progress 2.0.

See what else is in this release or download the beta.

If you find a bug, please submit a new issue for Certificates or for Course Progress. You are also welcome to leave a comment here.

As always, please test on a staging site and not your live site. If you don’t have a staging site, you can use the WP Staging plugin to create one.

What about the other extensions?

We have a beta ready now for Sensei Content Drip. If you’d like to test that extension, and have an active license for it, please drop a comment here to express your interest. We’ll be releasing betas for the remaining extensions over the coming days. UPDATE: We now have betas for all of our extensions.

What’s New in Sensei & Sensei Course Progress

What’s New in Sensei

We’ve just shipped the Sensei 1.10.0 release, which includes:

  • Deleting all plugin data when Sensei is deleted
  • Support for PHP 7.2
  • Revisions history for courses, lessons and questions
  • Excluding modules from the course navigation when a module has no content
  • Automatically adding the user to the course when they purchase a variable subscription product
  • A new sensei_start_course_redirect_url filter that can be used to redirect users to a different page when starting a course
  • Showing lesson tags in the sidebar and cleaning up other lesson settings when Gutenberg is enabled
  • Usage tracking for active and completed courses, as well as system info such as PHP and WordPress versions

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.

Deleting Plugin Data

In order to be GDPR-compliant, please be aware that Sensei will now delete all of its data when the plugin is deleted. This is a significant departure for anyone who has grown accustomed to deleting Sensei and then re-installing it later.

If you need to remove Sensei from your site, and there’s even the slightest chance that you may want to re-install it at some point in the future, we highly advise you take a backup of your site first. Without a backup, there will be no way to restore any of your courses, lessons, quizzes, etc.

Note that deactivating the plugin does not delete any data.

UPDATE: We’ve released Sensei 1.10.1, which introduces a new Delete data on uninstall setting. Sensei will ONLY delete data on plugin deletion when this setting is selected.

Semantic Versioning

Moving forward, Sensei releases will use semantic versioning, which dictates that major releases — those with API changes or the potential to affect extension compatibility — receive a new major version number (e.g. 2.0.0, 3.0.0). Minor releases, on the other hand, will receive a new minor version number (e.g. 1.11.0, 1.12.0), while patches will get a new patch version number (e.g. 1.10.1, 1.10.2).

We’re using this method in an attempt to better describe what each release contains, and tell you at a glance how much of an impact a release may have on your online learning site. We hope this also increases confidence in minor releases and patches, and helps you update Sensei more quickly when one of these updates is released.

What’s New in Sensei Course Progress

We’ve also released Sensei Course Progress 1.0.7, which includes:

  • Showing the widget on the module page
  • Linking the module name to the module page
  • Making the UI consistent when the Display all Modules widget setting is selected vs. when it is not
  • Russian translations

You can find the full list of changes in the change log.

What do you think of the latest releases of Sensei and Sensei Course Progress? Let us know in the comments!