Sensei 1.8.5, Sensei Certificates 1.0.11 and Sensei BadgeOS 1.0.3

Updated on June 18, 2015

Version 1.8.5 of Sensei has just been released. See our documentation for details of how to update.

This release fixes several bugs:

  • Fixed an issue that stopped the “Lesson Preview” setting from being switched off once it was selected.
  • Fixed the Order Modules page, so you can order modules again.
  • Fixed the Order Modules link on the All Courses page.
  • Restored the “Contact teacher” button to lessons and quizzes.
  • Fixed an issue where gap fill questions could not be auto-graded.

We also added a new filter – sensei_round_mode – which enables you to change the number of decimal places used for quiz grades. By default they will round up to the nearest whole number.

See the changelog for full details of this release.

Sensei Certificates 1.0.11

We have also release Sensei Certificates 1.0.11 (changelog)

This release fixes a bug where the certificate visiblility setting could be seen by logged out users.

It also moves the Certificates admin menus to their own top level menu.

Sensei BadgeOS 1.0.3

Sensei BadgeOS 1.0.3 fixes an issue, enabling badges to now be retrieved based on course categories (changelog).

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