Sensei 1.7.5 bugfix release is now available

Updated on April 16, 2015

Version 1.7.5 of Sensei has just been released. See our documentation for details of how to update.

This release fixes several bugs:

  • Fixed an issue in Learner Management where completing a course for a learner wouldn’t work, and redirected to the lesson page.
  • Fixed an issue where the answer feedback was not saved when the question was first saved.
  • Prevents two notification emails being sent when a private message is sent.
  • Fixed the ‘upload file’ button when editing a single question.
  • Ensures the question order is maintained when duplicating a lesson with a quiz.
  • Fixed an issue where grading feedback was not being displayed.
  • Ensures a confirmation message is displayed when a learner sends a private message.
  • The ‘Register’ button on the single course page now links to the My Courses page (if set), rather than the default WordPress register page.

See the changelog for full details of this release.

(Comments are closed on this post. If you experience any issues, please contact support via the link in the sidebar.)

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