Release 1.6.8 available today

We’ve been hard at work trying get you the latest features in version 1.7.0┬ábut while working at this we’ve picked up a few other pesky bugs which we wanted to squash. We also didn’t want you to wait on these so today you can get the Sensei version 1.6.8 which fixes the following issues:

  • We’ve had an issue with lessons where the “View Quiz” button would not show up for certain lessons.
  • The quiz submission email was being sent out to the admin account instead of the course teacher.
  • The login logout link didn’t allow you to specify multiple words. For example in certain languages login is 2 words. This broke the way it works. Please read more about how this affects you here.

Please go to your account to get the latest version or if you have the WooThemes helper installed please updated the plugin as you would normally.

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