Improve Your Courses With Sensei’s New Reports

Updated on September 26, 2022

We could all be better at using analytics and data to help us improve courses, retention rates, and student experiences.

How long is it taking students to complete a lesson?

Are there lessons that students are skipping during the course?

Do any quizzes have low scores and need some attention?

Well, good news! You can answer these questions and more with the all-new reports found in the free Sensei LMS plugin.

Let’s take a look under the hood!

Student Report

One of the more significant new features in Reports is the Last Activity information and filter. This allows you to run reports based on a date range of activity.

And with all reports, you can download the data as a CSV file for more detailed analysis in Google Docs, Excel, or your favorite spreadsheet tool.

For example, you can download a report with the students’ email addresses. Then, you can filter those that haven’t logged in or completed a lesson in several months and use the email addresses to send an email campaign in a tool like Mailchimp to remind them about your course.

The Student Report is also useful for checking on the overall performance of a student that’s enrolled in multiple courses.

You can find summary information like the total number of students actively enrolled in a course and the number of students who have completed courses.

Courses Report

Screenshot of the Sensei Courses Report showing last activity, average progress, average grade, and days to completion.

With the Courses Report, keep track of all of your courses in one place.

Easily see the last activity date of each course, average quiz scores, and how long it takes students to complete a course.

Drill down further by course to see student progress and individual quiz grades.

Lesson Report

Screenshot of Sensei's Lesson Report showing number of students, last activity, and completion metrics.

Perhaps our favorite of the new features, the Lesson Report, gives you valuable insight into lesson performance.

With detailed Completion Rates and Days to Completion metrics, you can pinpoint lessons that may need updates, improvements, or changes to help students better progress through a course.

With one of our courses, we used the new reports to identify a lesson that students were only completing at half the rate of other lessons in the course. The content was long and unengaging, and the quiz had a mistake with one of the answers. Breaking the lesson up into two shorter lessons and improving the quiz helped increase course completion. A big win!

What Else?

For those with lots of students, loading our older reports could be slow, and the exporting to CSV files might not have worked depending on your web host. The new reports are faster to load and handle more data than before. The date filters also help in those large student number cases to make a report easier to download.

We’ll continue working on more performance improvements and additional filters (like the Student report filtered by courses) in the coming weeks, so look out for that soon.

If there is a specific report feature you are looking for, let us know in our Educators Community.

With that, upgrade to the new free Sensei LMS 4.2 today and give the new reports a spin!

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