Groups & Cohorts

Create personalized learning experiences and manage your students across your online courses.

  • Create Unlimited Groups
  • Auto-enroll In Groups
  • Set Access Periods
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Custom Content
  • Reports & Analytics

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Skillcourse Plus

Create cohort-based courses

Have students learn at the same time and pace. This increases accountability and creates a sense of community.

Set access periods

Set start and end dates in your courses and cohorts. Keeping to a schedule can help increase course completion rates and even let you charge more. 

Control when and who will see your lessons

Show, hide, and schedule content within a lesson based on group membership.  With content drip, you control your content delivery.

Automate your course management

Set your courses on autopilot. Auto-enroll students in courses using groups and remove access by groups too.

Bring advanced management tools for your courses with Groups & Cohorts

Learn from creators using groups & cohorts with Sensei Pro

Groups and cohorts work best when combined with Sensei features like Block Visibility and Conditional Content. With WooCommerce integration, you can create even more learning experiences with memberships and bundles.

Teachers managing groups

Group students according to the level they are in on their learning path and track them independently from one another.

Course creators using Sensei Pro

Course creators using Sensei Pro plan several cohort launches during the year. This can be useful for marketing purposes (the next course starts in two weeks, so register now!) and for delivering more personalized learning experiences.

Organizations use Sensei

Organizations use Sensei to train their staff and create groups depending on the department and location of the employees.

Online creators using groups

Online creators use groups, access periods, and memberships via the WooCommerce integration to create online academies that drip-feed lessons to users on a specific schedule.

Professional creators using WooCommerce

Professionals with large portfolios of courses use groups and bundles to automatically give access to specific courses depending on topics, promotions, and upsells.