Sensei LMS 3.0 & WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.0 Beta 3

Updated on April 17, 2020

Today we’re releasing Sensei LMS 3.0 Beta 3 and WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.0 Beta 3.

Sensei LMS 3.0

Here are the most notable changes since Beta 2:

  • Actions are now fired when the enrolment status is changed. (See the New Filters section below for more details.)
  • We added the sensei_enrolment_learner_calculation_job_batch_size filter for setting the batch size of the learner calculation job.
  • We introduced a provider journal store that is disabled by default, but can be enabled using the sensei_enable_enrolment_provider_journal filter.
  • We’ve significantly reduced the amount of data that was being stored in the database for course enrolments.

You can see what else changed in Beta 3 here or you can download Sensei LMS 3.0 Beta 3 here.

WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.0

The most notable change in WooCommerce Paid Courses 2.0 Beta 3 is that we added the sensei_wc_paid_courses_migration_inactive_memberships_provide_manual_enrolment filter to enable blocking users with inactive memberships from being manually enrolled when the migration runs.


As always, please test the beta release on a staging site and not your live site. If you don’t have a staging site, you can use the WP Staging plugin to create one.

If you’ve already tested either Beta 1 or Beta 2 on your staging site, you should take the following steps prior to testing Beta 3:

  • Deactivate and delete the Beta 1/Beta 2 version of Sensei LMS.
  • Restore the database backup for your staging site.
  • Download Beta 3 and unzip it to your wp-content/plugins folder. You can choose to either override your existing folder, or rename it to something else before unzipping, if applicable.
  • Activate Sensei LMS 3.0.0 Beta 3.

The above steps are necessary to ensure the course enrolment migration process executes again. If you haven’t tested any of the beta releases prior to this, there’s no need to restore a database backup.

Para desarrolladores

Sensei LMS

Filtros nuevos

  • sensei_comment_counts_include_sensei_comments – Whether or not to include Sensei comments in the comments count.
  • sensei_course_enrolment_store_results – Whether or not to store course enrolment results.
  • sensei_enable_enrolment_provider_journal – Whether or not to enable journal storage.
  • sensei_enrolment_course_calculation_job_batch_size – Set the batch size for the number of learners to query when the course calculation job runs.
  • sensei_enrolment_history_size – Set the maximum number of historical entries that are stored for every user, course and provider.
  • sensei_enrolment_learner_calculation_job_batch_size – Set the batch size for the number of learners to query when the learner calculation job runs.
  • sensei_enrolment_message_log_size – Set the maximum number of log messages that are stored for every user, course and provider.
  • sensei_frontend_learner_enrolment_handler – Enable providers to specify a custom course sign-up handler.

New Actions

  • sensei_course_enrolment_status_changed – Fires when the course enrolment status changes.
  • sensei_manual_enrolment_learner_enrolled – Fires when a learner is manually enrolled.
  • sensei_manual_enrolment_learner_withdrawn – Fires when a learner’s manual enrolment is withdrawn.

WooCommerce Paid Courses

Nuevo filtro

  • sensei_wc_paid_courses_migration_inactive_memberships_provide_manual_enrolment – Whether or not to block users with inactive memberships from being manually enrolled.

Please note that the release date has been moved to April 22nd, 2020 27 de abril de 2020. Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you find any issues while testing Beta 3.

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